Bibi’s Government Continues to Assault Palestinians

Palestinians, on their own land, on their own property, are being evicted by Bibi’s immoral government– yet again.  And this against a court ruling in his own country!!!!!

Palestinian activists who set up an outpost Friday in area E-1 east of Jerusalem said Saturday night that the Israel Defense Forces had surrounded the area and were preventing supporters from entering. Activists said they would oppose any attempt to forcibly remove them.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Saturday ordered Israel’s security forces to evacuate a tent camp set up by hundreds of Palestinians in the E-1 area, east of Jerusalem.

Netanyahu’s decision came despite a temporary injunction ordered by Israel’s High Court on Saturday preventing the state from evicting the Palestinians from the outpost.

Not since Stalin has there been a leader in a country with less regard for the law.  There has scarcely been a more immoral person as a head of government anywhere.  This man is beyond the pale and his actions demand his arrest, trial, and conviction for crimes against humanity.

2 thoughts on “Bibi’s Government Continues to Assault Palestinians

  1. Arab friend of mine like many others working on the side of peace had his son’s two story house and playground for the children in E 1 bulldozed on Dec. 27 in retaliation for the UN decision. It’s actions like these that destroy any chance for peace between all parties and creates hatred which leads to violence. This was a man one could talk to, today I’m almost ashamed to have him see me however he knows where I stand as we lived for several years in the Arab village adjacent to the area which is being taken over. And it was nice….


  2. Well, nothing new. Back in 1974 they were blowing up Arab villages on the slopes that led up to Nebi Samwil to accomodate Jewish housing. I know it because I was there and passed by when it happened. Netanyahu is maybe a little worse, but he is definitely acting within and old tradition.

    The worst thing that could happen to the Israeli government now would be that the Palestinians declined to have a state of their own. Nothing really left for such a state. The next claim would be to demand Israeli citizenship. Denying that is to admit that they are really representing an apartheid society.

    I do not understand that Bibi acted against Abbas’s request in the UN. He should be most happy about it. But who said that he is intelligent?

    I dined yesterday together with an old (retired) Mossad agent (he also has a history with the KGB, but that is many years ago, and he has some hilarious stories about this). What he said is that Abbas panicked because the next Palestinian generation will demand to be Israeli citizens. There is simply an enormous difference in living standards for Arabs in Israel and Arabs behind the wall.


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