The History Channel Is Going To Distort The Bible… Again

The trailer for the upcoming Discovery Channel ‘special’ is up.  I watched it.  I’m unimpressed.  Two things jumped out right off.  First, the ‘Jerusalem’ David shows up at hardly represents the actual 10th c. BCE village that actually was.


And second, at the birth of Jesus why, oh why, must they have had 3 ‘Wise men’?  Why?  There’s nothing in the biblical text to suggest there were three- it’s simply one of those ridiculous misrepresentations that whomsoever advised the filmmakers should have screamed at the top of their lungs about in order to ensure it wasn’t repeated. Further- they didn’t appear at the BIRTH of Jesus but later, when he was in a house, per Matthew. Not in the stable, per Luke. Imbeciles.


The directors are better known for pseudo-theology as embodied in ‘Touched By an Angel’.  If these two examples are ‘par for the course’, this ‘special’ will prove to be yet another in a long line of History Channel productions which are simply garbage.

You can, if you want, watch the trailer here-

I really wish the History Channel would stick with shows about aliens who built the pyramids. That’s where they do their ‘best’ work… and that they’d leave the Bible alone.

6 thoughts on “The History Channel Is Going To Distort The Bible… Again

  1. Niels Peter Lemche

    There are so many excellent history programs around, but the moment it becomes biblical, it is almost always junk. Quite understandable that bible studies has little acceptance in the academy, at least as seen from my viewpoint on my side of the pond. Happily BBC’s Ancient Worlds had little time for the Bible, and their chosen Israeli archaeologist was Finkelstein.



  2. Niels Peter Lemche

    She is answering “Jesus”, but I think it was Brian (no Smileys here?)

    Anyway, I would always recommend Life of Brian as the best commentary to the NT


  3. CS

    Actually I was quite impressed: it’s true to the promise of “the Bible told as it was never told before”. Many of the warrior types shown in the various battle scenes have little to do with what we know of the attire of ANE warriors. Instead, they’re straight out of today’s fantasy stock pile of images (like Merlin, Tolkien’s reworkings, and some really bad other movies). Then, eventhough C.B. DeMille’s attempt at recreating the tablets was laudable in that he used Paleo-Hebrew, here the little clip shows perfectly incised modern script … I am sure there will be much more when it finally shows in full.


    1. Jim Post author

      either the project had no advisers, or the ones they had were inept, or they weren’t listened to.


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