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Israel Is an Apartheid State: So Says Amos Oz

First, this-

The writer and Israel Prize laureate Amoz Oz harshly attacked Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as well as Labor chairwoman MK Shelly Yacimovich.

Oz, a staunch Meretz supporter, made the comments at a parlor meeting at the home of friends in Tel Aviv. Speaking to about 30 academics who are considering voting for Meretz, Oz compared Israel to an apartheid state and made angry predictions about its future.

“In my mind, the Netanyahu government is the most anti-Zionist government Israel has ever had. It is doing everything so there will be not two states here, but one,” said Oz. “It is striking Abu Mazen [Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas] blow after blow – violent morale blows, financial blows and political blows. It is strengthening Hamas more and more. Perhaps that is the intention, to stop the chance for two states. They believe that Jews can rule over an Arab majority for a long time. No apartheid state in the world has lasted without collapsing after a few years.”

Then further on, this

“The Labor Party has been crawling to Likud governments for 15 years now,” he said. “It crawled under Shimon Peres, it crawled under Amir Peretz. And what good did it do? How did it slow the rate of settlements? How did it stop the catastrophe of the abolishment of the state of the Jewish people?”

A fine piece altogether.  Hooray for a truth teller.


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Alastair's Adversaria

After considerable delay over the Christmas and New Year period, this is the fourth part of the podcast review and discussion of Rachel Held Evans’s A Year of Biblical Womanhood, in which we discuss the final three chapters of the book. If you haven’t done so already, you might want to listen to the first three parts: here, here, and here.

Listen here!

Listen to the other parts of the review here: Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 5

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The Onion Mocks the NRA- Brilliantly

Following the events of last week, in which a crazed western lowland gorilla ruthlessly murdered 21 people in a local shopping plaza after escaping from the San Diego Zoo, sources across the country confirmed Thursday that national gorilla sales have since skyrocketed.

“After seeing yet another deranged gorilla just burst into a public place and start killing people, I decided I need to make sure something like that never happens to me,” said 34-year-old Atlanta resident Nick Keller, shortly after purchasing a 350-pound mountain gorilla from his local gorilla store. “It just gives me peace of mind knowing that if I’m ever in that situation, I won’t have to just watch helplessly as my torso is ripped in half and my face is chewed off. I’ll be able to use my gorilla to defend myself.”

“Law enforcement and animal control can only get there so quickly,” Keller added. “And you never know when you’ll need to use a gorilla to save your life.”

Reports confirmed that gorilla sales have historically risen sharply in the immediate aftermath of a major gorilla attack, most notably after the 2010 tragedy in the small town of Logan, NM, where 14 people, including two 5-year-old children and a 92-year-old woman, were viciously beaten to death by a 12-year-old gorilla who spontaneously attacked patrons of a crowded grocery store.

The NRA’s ‘logic’ deserves exactly this kind of derision.

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Quote of the Day

cropped-11.jpgWer fryden wölle han, der neme von stund an das wort gottes an… — Huldrych Zwingli

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Another Day, Another Shooting

The BBC reports

A pupil at a high school in the Californian town of Taft has been shot and wounded, police say. The suspected gunman, also a student, was taken into custody, said Ray Pruitt, spokesman for the Kern County Sheriff’s Department. The victim was taken to hospital in an air ambulance, he said. Early reports suggested that a second person had been wounded, but Mr Pruitt told CNN that this appeared not to be true.

America’s gun culture does us proud, again…

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The 2013 SBL Annual Meeting Call for Papers is Up

From the SBL Vatican-

The Annual Meetings 2013 Call for Papers is now open.  Submissions are due by March 1, 2013.  For more information please visit  the Annual Meetings page.

Submit soon, and submit often.  We have to decide what we want to ignore so we can spend our time instead in the book hall and at Starbucks.

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For Atheists Who Read German…

Are there such beasts?  Anyway, if there are… from our friends at TVZ-

Der atheistische Pfarrer Klaas Hendrikse und sein Buch «Glauben an einen Gott, den es nicht gibt» – Kostprobe gefällig? Die Leseprobe ist online:

In my view the whole idea of an ‘atheist pastor’ is pure oxymoron, like Congressional competence or military intelligence or jumbo shrimp or sweet and sour pork.  It’s just oxy-moronic (which is like moronic but intensified by oxygenation).

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Truth in Advertising


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If God Were German…

From our friends at


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