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What is Prayer?

Prayer is the manifestation of trust. We don’t pray because God doesn’t already know: we pray in order to exercise faith. The more we exercise the stronger we become.

The Presidential Address

Prof. E. Davies did a fine job in discussing the divide between the minimalists and maximalists and showed fairly convincingly that they do not differ ideologically all that much from one another. Perhaps, then, the time has come to set aside the labels and focus more on what they share than what they do not.

It was, however, very odd to me that in a paper on ideology and history Prof. davies mentioned feminist interpreters, Wellhausen, Provan and Philip Davies along with Tom Thompson- but did not mention Giovanni Garbini. That’s rather like discussing the history of automobiles without bringing up the name of Henry Ford.

All in all, though, an interesting paper nonetheless.

A Lovely Dinner

With lovely conversation with lovely people. When it comes to that ever elusive sense of scholarly community and collegiality there’s absolutely no conference that measures up to SOTS.


Sad News

We are saddened to learn of the passing of a Fortress author and great scholar, The Rev. Dr. Eric W. Gritsch, Professor Emeritus of Church History at the Lutheran Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Our prayers and thoughts are with his family and friends.

Via the Fortress Press page on FB.


I’ve got online here at Fitzwilliam on their blazing lay fast wifi- so expect live blogging of all the doings.

However a bit of bad news already. Francesca S. and Katie Edwards will be absent. Doubtless in order to avoid me. Needless to say- I’m quite sad. More anon…

Ensconced at Fitzwilliam College

The bad news first- there is no in room wifi. The good news – there is wifi- reportedly- in the conference meeting room. I am hopeful that it is so. We shall see in due course.

Presently I am in the city center enjoying Starbucks and their free wifi and a very nice coffee.

I’ve picked up a few things for the offspring. A joy made even more meaningful in the light of Chris Brady’s tragic and unutterable loss. My heart continues to break for him and his family.

More anon….