It Arrived Just In Time To Tote To Britain

bultmann_bioRudolf Bultmann was the giant of twentieth-century New Testament scholarship. His pioneering studies in biblical criticism shaped research on the composition of the gospels, and his call for “demythologizing” biblical language sparked debate among Christian theologians worldwide.

This definitive biography—now in English for the first time—traces his career in Germany through the tumult of two world wars. Through richly drawn connections between events in his life and his theology, Hammann illuminates Bultmann’s contributions to biblical historical criticism and the changing role of religion in public life in Europe.

“In this outstanding book one encounters not only the history of a problem, namely the compatibility of historical enlightenment and religious beliefs, but also the story of a personality. The biography of Konrad Hammann is thus a prime example of a successful history of ideas.”—Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

I can’t vouch for the English translation but I’m glad that it arrived today- just in the nick of time.  Now I can take it with and read it on the plane to SOTS.  Hooray.

One thought on “It Arrived Just In Time To Tote To Britain

  1. Milton Almeida 2 Jan 2013 at 12:17 pm

    In my first two years of Bible College (believe me, it wasn’t anytime close to yesterday…) what I heard about Bultmann the devil himself could not utter, that when “they” would not ascribe to Bultmann the office of the devil. But, thanks to you, I developed a new interest for his writings, and although still a beginner in his core theology, I am pleasantly surprised to find out how my past professors slandered this very bright and outstanding man! I am still baffled as to why “mainstream” (whatever that means ) Christianity is so much against intellectualism when it genuinely seeks to filter off the Word of God from myths and meaningless traditions.


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