3 thoughts on “Exodus: Evangelical Exegetical Commentary

  1. That doesn’t bode well, does it? Not that I’m prejudging it.

    I wonder if Eugene is a descendant of Joseph Estlin Carpenter of Carpenter and Harford fame?


  2. At this point I am probably one of the few people who has read the entire commentary, so I will point to a couple other comments Carpenter makes about authorship:

    At the end of the Author section noted above:

    “Moses was most likely the focal inspired author-editor and originator of the Pentateuch and thus of Exodus, with the gifted Joshua and possibly Eleazar serving as important early inspired editors or contributors.”

    In an excursus at the end of the book:

    “if Moses is not the one who penned the entire book of Exodus, he was the source of most of it by far. He, of course, received the ancient traditions of the fathers and the description of the enslavement of his people, after he fled to Midian, from Hebrews who had preceded him. So the work of Moses indicates that he was an author, a first-person source, compiler, and editor of the essential content of Exodus and the Pentateuch”


    • i have not yet made my way through the entire volume. not even a third. however, those additional statements don’t really change the previous citation. not substantively. but i’ll have more in due course. after SOTS.


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