Answering Your Letters: The Christmas Edition

A short one came today from someone called Todd-

Dear Jim,

So, I saw on Twitter that you got an iPad mini.  What else did you get?


Howdy Todd-

That’s a good question isn’t it.  Usually folk talk first about the things they get at Christmas from family and friends and, as usual, I did get those.  But more important to me are the intangibles.

Along those lines what I got was time with Church family and bio family and in-law family- the trifecta.  I got to spend time with great folk at Worship and the in-laws (who are, by and large, great!)  😉   (Just kidding, I like them all).

So I guess at the end of the day what I got, that I like most of all, is time.  And, as icing on the cake, an iPad mini and lots of other things- all demonstrations of affection.  And that, by the by, is what Christmas gifts are.  They aren’t merely crass materialism or grotesque consumerism as some of our more Marxist friends would have us to believe- they are tokens, symbols, reminders, of authentic, self sacrificing affection (since we take what we would spend on ourselves and instead spend it, in love, on another).  They are random acts of kindness.  They are reflections of the theological truth that ‘God so loved the world, that he gave his Son’- and so we too give to others what we can, as we can, in love.

Anyway, that’s probably more of an answer than you wanted.  But you have only yourself to blame- since you asked.