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NRA Hypocrisy

At it’s pseudo press conference Friday the NRA lambasted video games as the true source of American violence (what prats).  Evidently, poor things, they forgot that they have their own video game out…  a real charmer too.



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The ACLU and Jesus’s Birth


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Another Child Dead Because a Gun Was Easily Available

This time, God help us all, the little one was 2 years old…

A Tennessee toddler is dead after accidentally shooting himself.  Janice Atkinson, with the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office, told WRCB-TV that 2-year-old Brennan Nowell died late Thursday from his injuries. Authorities have said the child was shot in the stomach with a firearm that belonged to his grandfather. Neighbors told the station that the child found the handgun and was playing with it when he accidentally shot himself.

Guns don’t kill people… toddlers do.  Right?  Had enough yet?  Of course not.

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“The Uproar Made by a Falling Leaf”

calvin49Sometimes Calvin is accused of being humorless but he could actually be pretty funny, as this witticism makes plain-

“Any man who is not upheld by the hand of God is soon knocked down by a slight wind or the uproar made by a falling leaf.”

Oh Calvin, you wag!

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New From Jan Joosten- “Collected Studies on the Septuagint: From Language to Interpretation and Beyond”

151733_4114118bd4In this volume Jan Joosten brings together seventeen articles, published in journals and collective volumes between 1996 and 2008, with one unpublished essay. In these essays he deals mainly with questions of language and interpretation in the earliest Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible. Many of Jan Joosten’s studies take their point of departure in one or the other striking features in the language of the Septuagint, propose a theory explaining its peculiarity, and go on from there to relate the linguistic phenomenon to wider historical, exegetical or theological issues. Others deal with problems of method in establishing the historical background of the version, its relation to the Hebrew source text, and its theology. Taken as a whole, Jan Joosten offers an original contribution to a number of contemporary debates on the Old Greek version. Notably in this book he addresses from various perspectives the questions of who the translators were and what they tried to do.

Septuagintalists, take note.

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A Users Guide to ‘Best of 2012’ Lists

It’s that tragic time of the year when various and sundry persons and groups list their ‘best of’ picks.  All such lists are, frankly, utter and absolute rubbish.  So i’d like to do a bit of public service and offer a users guide to them:

1- Whenever you see ‘best of..’ whatever, insert in the place of ‘best of’ the words ‘In my narrow opinion’.  Truth is, no one has read EVERY book or seen EVERY movie or watched EVERY tv show or listened to EVERY CD so that they can honestly say that what they are promoting is the BEST of any of them.  Instead, folk (and organizations) have merely sampled books, etc., and come up with a list of the ones they like the best.  Nothing more.

2- Every such list is thoroughly subjective.  Hence, every such list is biased, propagandistic, and ultimately meaningless.  Readers of such lists would better spend their time reading a book they actually, personally, find useful or intriguing or interesting or provocative.

3- When it’s all said and done, don’t buy into the hype of the ‘best of ‘ lists.  They’re compiled by people who either have a financial stake in the outcome or who simply have fallen victim to the listing craze.  Either way, pointlessness abounds where lists of the best are made.



That’s Very Nice

Like many of you I’ve received a nice card from IVPAcademic– for which I wish publicly to thank them:


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What is Archaeology? Trends and Currents in Contemporary Archaeological Discourse in Israel

Via Oded Lipschits on FB-

The Lautenschläger Azekah Expedition– What is Archaeology? Trends and Currents in Contemporary Archaeological Discourse in Israel

Thursday, December 27, 2012, Room 496, Gilman Building, Tel Aviv University (All lectures are in Hebrew).

9.00-9.30 – Reception

9.30-9.45 – Opening statement – Assaf Nativ and Mark Iserlis

9.45-10.00 – Shlomo Bunimovitz- Children of three paradigms: my generation in Israeli archaeology

Session One: Archaeology and the personal; Chair Shlomo Bunimovitz

10.00-10.30 – Yifat Thareani- Margins’ Girl: On frontiers as multi-cultural archaeological spaces

10.30-11.00- Haggai Misgav- Archaeology and contemporary religious conceptions

11.00-11.15- Recess

Session Two: Archaeology as profession; Chair Oded Lipschits

11.15-11.45 – Ianir Milevski- What is archaeology? A materialist dialectic approach

11.45-12.15- Alon Shavit- Community archaeology in Israel: on the connection and discord between the archaeological community and society

12.15-12.45 – Eran Arie- Archaeology in a museum: visit and Critique

12.45-14.00- Lunch break

Session Three: Archaeology as a discipline; – Chair Yuval Goren

14.00-14.30 – Steve Rosen- Archaeology: a personal perspective

14.30-15.00 – Amihai Mazar- The rusty Marshalltown

15.00-15.30 – Yuval Yekutieli- Archaeology as a story

15.30-15.45- Recess

Session Four: Summary and discussion; Chairs Mark Iserlis and Assaf Nativ

15.45-16.15 – Summaries: Rafi Greenberg, Avi Gopher, Snait Gisis

16.15-17.00 – Discussion

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