Theological Dilettantism: The Priest Edition

First, Christian Brady remarks

Theology and the Bible should never be separated. (Unless it is systematic theology. After all, the Bible isn’t very systematic.)

I agree.  The Bible is theological to its very core; and true Christian theology is biblical to its very core.  Systematizations are problematic, but not nearly as problematic as the Priest who declared of her sermon:

It was pure theology, no specific biblical references.

Blah.  If it wasn’t based on biblical texts specifically it isn’t even impure theology- it’s dilettantish theology  of the worst kind.

Chris then observes

That is wrong on so many levels. I think even Jim would agree.

Oh you bet he does.  You bet he does!  I don’t know who that woman was, but she should keep silent in the Church.  In absentia I present her this week’s Dilly- and it’s well deserved-


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