If I Go Missing…

I think the authorities should look into as chief suspect David ‘Little Honey Tee’ Tee of South Korea.  Below is a screenshot of a not so thinly veiled threat which he sent the other day and which I post here for a number of reasons:

First, internet trolls need to be exposed for what they are to the full light of day.
Second, veiled threats need to be made public because maniacal people often first merely hint before they act in violence.
And third, so that WordPress and the authorities might take the appropriate action in his case.

Given the events of recent days, no threat should be considered innocent. And I certainly do not take Mr Tee’s as an innocent aside. I take it as a personal threat. And not the first.


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3 thoughts on “If I Go Missing…

  1. Antonio Lombatti 15 Dec 2012 at 9:42 am

    Vile anonymous bastard!


  2. bobcargill (@xkv8r) 15 Dec 2012 at 11:39 am



  3. bobcargill (@xkv8r) 15 Dec 2012 at 11:47 am

    i just read his post on yesterday’s tragic shooting: two words: ‘god’s will’.

    I won’t provide the link, but here’s a quote:

    “2. The age of the victims and words like ‘innocent children’ will be used to also manipulate public opinion but two things here. First, we read in the Bible that ‘it is appointed unto man once to die…’ but we do not read within its pages ‘everyone is guaranteed a long life’.

    We do not know how long any of us will live thus we must use our time wisely. Second, the children may be innocent of any wrongdoing towards the shooter but children are not ‘innocent’ in God’s eyes. The Bible tells us that ‘all have sinned and come short of the glory of God’. That word ‘all’ includes children.

    Now we do not know how God determines when a child is lost or when they need salvation but we do know that they are not ‘innocent’ of sin. Children lie, steal, attack others, and do many other sinful acts. Children also have free choice and if they are not taught how to choose right over wrong then they will sin just like an adult.”

    i’ll not post anything else, as it will cause your jaw to drop. but this guy is a fundy who is clearly off his rocker. report him every time he threatens you.

    as i’ve said in the past: who needs a fundy straw man when you have honey tee tee? but this, this is evidence that something’s not right in his head.


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