Objectivity: An Observation

Objectivity is a myth; a story people tell themselves and others which has scant basis in reality and which exists primarily in the imaginations of those who wish to persuade others that all is well when in fact they are undecided and indecisive.  But not deciding is itself a decision so that every indecision is decision and decisive.

Objectivity is pretense, it is lack of commitment, it is lukewarmness.  Objectivity is no aid to the quest for truth but the biggest hindrance precisely because it feigns an interest in the truth but is in truth itself untruth and untruthfulness.

Objectivity parades itself as the superior position in main because it recognizes its inherent weakness.  Since true ‘objectivity’ cannot exist it is forced to pretend not only that it does exist but that one and all must adopt it, love it, marry it, and give birth to ‘truth’ by mating with it.

Most remarkably of all, those most unwilling to examine their own presuppositions are the very people who speak most loudly of objectivity and thereby prove that even as they say the words “I am being objective” they know in their innermost being that they are lying.

Free yourself from the cave.  What you call objectivity is nothing but a shadow cast on the wall.

4 thoughts on “Objectivity: An Observation

  1. wken

    I assume that you’re talking about a specific situation. In general, I disagree with the notion that objectivity cannot exist. Heck, it’s often just a form of honesty.

    the ability to look at one’s own work and decide whether it’s good, for example, requires an objective assessment.


    1. Jim Post author

      actually i’m not thinking of any particular instance at all. these are just the sorts of things i think about


    2. Jim Post author

      and let’s face it, if most could look at their work ‘objectively’ to see if it was ‘good’, 99% of tv shows, movies, songs, singers, and entertainers would be off the air. think rebecca black. at some point she convinced herself she was a good singer…. she was wrong. oh. so. wrong.


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