12 comments on “I Don’t Care What They Call Themselves, They Aren’t Baptists in Any Meaningful Sense of the Word

    • if it were simply a matter of disagreeing with me it would be of no consequence. but calling yourself the president when you aren’t the president isn’t a matter of soul competency, it’s a matter of truth-in-terminology. likewise in this case. calling yourself a baptist when you reject everything baptists admit to is deceptive. others might sit by and let their family be lied about but i wont.

    • adherence to scripture is. you find me ONE competent new testament exegete who can do away with paul in romans 1-2 and i’ll happily change my mind. not eisegete, exegete. one.

  1. Thank you. They are most assuredly not baptist in the truest sense of the word.

  2. As a Roman Catholic I am amazed at those claiming to be in communion with Rome who support abortion.

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