15 comments on “Two Books Very Much Worth Having- And One of them Might Be Yours, If You’re Among the Elect

  1. I have entered a contest for Le Donne’s book recently and did not win. He obviously did not understand how awesome I am. I promise to read the book early next year and post a review somewhere on the blogosphere. I am worthy because I follow you with slavish devotion and follow your every posting. I lap up the knowledge which falls from your fingers, I laugh at your jokes about Chris Tilling and Joel Watts. Frankly, you have the most awesomest blog on the planet.

  2. Why should I be the chosen recipient of Le Donne’s book? There is no reason. I am, in my depravity, totally unworthy to receive it, expect by the grace of Jim.

  3. I just finished a seminar at Duke on the Historical Jesus that covered all the great books from Reimarus to Sanders. What better capstone than a discussion of criteria?

  4. I am a lowly poor post-grad student and have no money for books. I feed my family and help pay the bills and there’s nothing left for books. Have mercy on a lowly soul such as I!

  5. Thanks for posting this Jim… I would like to say that, while honored, I need to correct Doug and Jeff. This is not “Le Donne’s book” – it is Chris Keith’s baby as much as mine. Indeed, the seed from which this project sprouted was a ZNW essay that Dr. Keith wrote, so it might be more his than mine. If anything, I just brought a large helping of handsome to the project.

    Also, if I win, I’d prefer the Barker volume.


  6. I choose of my own freewill to follow Dr. West’s sovereign foreknowledge, and by faith alone, I accept this book which he predestined in his omnicience to give to me as a free gift of unmerited favor.

  7. I am worthy for I “was united to God, and became One Person because the Higher Nature prevailed in order that I too might be made God so far as He was made Man.” (Gregory of Nazianzus)

    …that and I’m a poor undergrad studying Early Xianity and Philosophy at the University of Minnesota who a) follows your blog regularly, b) has an unhealthy love for the Cappadocians, and c) has had “Demise of Authenticity” saved in my Amazon Cart for a couple months.

  8. Frankly, Barker’s volume sounds interesting- perhaps worth speed reading through before I inevitably re-gift it (as shamelessly as Whatley re-gifted Elaine’s labelmaker to Jerry Seinfeld) to some poor student less fortunate than myself. Clearly I am solely worthy as all these selfish bibliophiles have played the Scrooge in their haste for both volumes, whereas I– humble man that I am– only covet the handsome Byzantine portraiture of LeDonne AND Keith’s exquisite publication. Surely in the spirit of CHRISTmas (contra Bird cf. Jim ‘charitable’ West) your surefooted and seasonably altruistic wisdom will favor my plea.

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