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The Republicans in Congress are willing to let the Country slide into a severe recession, see millions lose their income, and watch the unemployment rate rise to over 9%, just to protect the money of the richest .1% of the people.

The Republicans simply don’t care about you.  They aren’t watching out for you.  They don’t have your back.  The only people they care about are their rich cohorts.  Why do you care so much for them?  Why do you vote for them?

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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  1. I hope the Republicans make no deal and RUIN Obama’s second term and make him go to history for what he is: The worst president ever! No deal! The guy who owns one of the companies that contracts me makes 250K a year and he is not rich, he is no millionaire! Raising his taxes will, more than reduce his earnings and profit, make his efforts no longer viable! So, either Obama’s solution of raising taxes for mere “revenge”, or the Republicans solution of not making a deal will ruin this country, except that the latter will at least give some business a chance to keep hiring. BTW, nothing in the law entitles a few to receive benefits from the government for being poor, in my humble view! From the Body of Christ, oh yes!

    Even the 100% confiscation of the total wealth of the 1 and the 2% highest earners in this country would not help the poor! This has been mathematically proven. It could only run the government for about 40 days! That is the real shame! What will help the poor is getting the poor to WORK in steady jobs and those, who for disability, physical or mental, or the aging, those who legitimately can’t work, then give them some relief. Not because it is their right, but because is is right. It is better to sacrifice some public money than to cause more social problems.

    A few Republicans are the last resort maintaining a few businessmen afloat and potentially hiring the poor! In that sense, they are looking out for guys like me, who run a charitable ministry with no pay, who went to business as a consultant in a few areas, works for middle to small business, and see these businesses struggling with a confiscatory, social engineering policy on the part of their government. Obama wants to create more poverty so we have a majority of citizens dependent upon government, thus surrendering to the government even more power.

    (Man, I should run for office… Dog Catcher needed anywhere?)


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