This Is What Happens When Catholics Become the Majority of a City like Zurich

The other day I lamented the tragic fact that in Zurich Catholics now outnumber the Reformed.  What does it mean?  Stuff like this!

The Swiss city of Zurich is to open drive-in sex boxes in an attempt to rid the town of street prostitution. Zurich council has approved a plan to build the boxes, which will, it hopes, provide a discreet location for prostitutes and their clients to conduct business when they open in August next year. Located in an industrial area of the city, the row of garage-like boxes will have roofs and walls for privacy, and easy access for cars. The council estimates that around 30 prostitutes will meet clients at the site of the boxes, and use the drive-in slots on a first-come-first-served basis.

[Sic!!!!!][Yes, they actually wrote … use the drive-in slots on a first-come-first-served basis].

Catholics have a long history of frequenting prostitutes (from village clergy through Archbishops) so its no surprise that now that Zurich has a larger Catholic population it would enact nonsense like this. Catholics… for shame!


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  1. I think that “easy access for cars” was really the funny line in that passage, but … yes, that was funny, too.

    Sad. Really sad. But I guess it’s okay if you want to make your city look good, anyway. The phrase “whited sepulchre” comes to mind, though …


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