Let Me Be Perfectly Clear About This

Since I’ve already gotten a bit of ‘hate mail’ because of the previous post:

1- I love Israel, and I love my Israeli friends.
2- I think the use of terror to harass and torment them by Hamas is evil.
3- But I also love the Palestinians (and most especially our Christian brothers and sisters there).
4- And I think, no, I know they deserve a ‘place of their own’.
5- So I abhor the forcing of Palestinians off their land and into a walled ghetto.
6- Finally, I believe there won’t be peace until the Unites States cares as much about the Palestinians as it does about the Israelis.

These are my views. I will not apologize for them. If you find them disdainful I suggest you go elsewhere, because your missives of contempt won’t change them.

About Jim

I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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2 Responses to Let Me Be Perfectly Clear About This

  1. prasenjit says:

    You might enjoy this sketch by two Israeli comedians together with some residents of the Palestinian town of Taybeh. Like all good comedy, it is also serious.


  2. I have no idea as to why people confuse disagreement with “opposition”… I am a highly opinionated person as well, (as you may noticed) hence my nickname and registered domain The Opinionator… and it is very bad that people consider a disagreement a reason to use hate speech! A brain without challenges in disagreements is bound to atrophy!

    Keep at it brother! I encourage opinionators, I cherish their fellowship and friendship and they are the ones who cause me to exercise my brain to see if I can perhaps recover it from the said (and sad) atrophy!


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