Let Me Be Perfectly Clear About This

Since I’ve already gotten a bit of ‘hate mail’ because of the previous post:

1- I love Israel, and I love my Israeli friends.
2- I think the use of terror to harass and torment them by Hamas is evil.
3- But I also love the Palestinians (and most especially our Christian brothers and sisters there).
4- And I think, no, I know they deserve a ‘place of their own’.
5- So I abhor the forcing of Palestinians off their land and into a walled ghetto.
6- Finally, I believe there won’t be peace until the Unites States cares as much about the Palestinians as it does about the Israelis.

These are my views. I will not apologize for them. If you find them disdainful I suggest you go elsewhere, because your missives of contempt won’t change them.

2 thoughts on “Let Me Be Perfectly Clear About This

  1. You might enjoy this sketch by two Israeli comedians together with some residents of the Palestinian town of Taybeh. Like all good comedy, it is also serious.


  2. I have no idea as to why people confuse disagreement with “opposition”… I am a highly opinionated person as well, (as you may noticed) hence my nickname and registered domain The Opinionator… and it is very bad that people consider a disagreement a reason to use hate speech! A brain without challenges in disagreements is bound to atrophy!

    Keep at it brother! I encourage opinionators, I cherish their fellowship and friendship and they are the ones who cause me to exercise my brain to see if I can perhaps recover it from the said (and sad) atrophy!


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