7 comments on “I Confess- That’s A Really Interesting Question

  1. Except for Persian Cyrus’ tomb, do we know of any tombs of Neo-Babylon and/or Assyrian rulers?

  2. Do we know of the Egyptian king’s burial sites because of mummification? and if so did the ancient Israelites practice something similar?

  3. Obvious answer: most of those kings never existed.

    However, there should be some fairly impressive tombs for the Omrides and late Iron Age Judahite kings.

  4. Closer to Judah than Egypt, both spatially and culturally, are the Sidonian royal tombs. I wonder whether the Judaean royal tombs may have looked like the ones at Sidon, which are also from the first half of the first millennium.

    Another question: is it possible that the Jerusalem high priests and Samarian leaders in the Persian period were buried like Sidonian kings of that age? Finding similar sarcophagi would certainly be quite spectacular!

  5. Reply to CS: the Assyrian royal tombs are more or less known. One of them is now in the Berlin Pergamon Museum. Another parallel is the set of Urartaean royal tombs in Van.

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