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Congrats to Ben Myers!

The Christian Century has chosen his book on some guy with big bushy eyebrows and crazy hair named Rowan Williams as one of the top one hundred books in theology/philosophy in 2012.  I’m so very proud of the kid.  He’s … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“God is not at the disposal of a seeing that is outside of God, for there is no outside of God. Thus, seeing God cannot be objective. Any seeing of God that would be interested only in the seeing would … Continue reading

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Tabor on Qumran Toilets

I was actually going to title this “Tabor on Toilets” but I thought that would be too imprecise.  Anyway, James has a post at the ASOR blog worth looking at: This paper explores the complex and shifting dynamics of comparing texts … Continue reading

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Fox News: Ever More Ridiculous, Ever More Absurd, Ever More Just a Joke

Author and Defense Analyst Thomas Ricks‘ interview on Fox News this morning was a brief affair. Ostensibly brought on to talk about Benghazi, UN Ambassador Susan Rice, and Republicans like John McCain criticisms of her, Ricks quickly gave his opinion that … Continue reading

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A nice post indeed.

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I Confess- That’s A Really Interesting Question

Seldom are the times, you’ll know, that I make reference to an essay in BAR- but this one asks a question that I confess has always been of interest to me: Where were the Old Testament Kings buried? Doesn’t it … Continue reading

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Larry Schiffman on His New Project, ‘Outside the Bible’

Prof. Lawrence Schiffman talks with Rabbi Barry Schwartz, JPS Director, about his role as Editor of Outside the Bible, a groundbreaking JPS anthology of second temple literature to be released in 2013. It sounds really interesting. With thanks to Larry … Continue reading

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Elkington’s Claims Concerning the ‘Lead Codices’ Under Fire

If you’re following this strange sage of bogus artifacts peddled as the real deal, you must read this essay: David Elkington, from Gloucestershire, has raised tens of thousands of pounds to support his work proving the authenticity of the Jordan Codices. … Continue reading

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The Lastest Issue of the Protestant Reformed Theological Journal

Can be downloaded here.  For free.  In full.  And this issue is devoted to Herman Bavinck.

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Academia.edu: Staying in the Past

Now for the 5th day in a row there hasn’t been any update on the Academia.edu site news feed.  Those of you familiar with the site know that users can log in and what they see first off is the … Continue reading

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It’s Monday….

And I’m now being followed on the Twitter by something called ‘cougar dates’…  Honestly, if I were single and dating, a woman would have to be 70 or above to be a ‘cougar’ to me and, no offense, I’m just … Continue reading

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It’s Monday

And our friends at Ref.ch have another in their series of ‘Reformers as cats in art’ –

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