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Luther: On Atheists

There was mention of a citizen of Wittenberg who was an atheist and who confessed publicly before the town council that he had not received communion for fifteen years. To this Dr. Martin Luther said, “We’ve been sufficiently forbearing with … Continue reading

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Americans Need to Wise Up

Many lament the low wages paid workers at places like Wal Mart and yet those same people want to pay low prices for things they themselves buy.  Here’s a fact, America: You can’t have high wages when you only want … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

It is no longer necessary, I trust, to offer any apology for laying aside the received text. When so much conscientious labour has been expended on textual criticism, it would be unpardonable in an editor to acquiesce in readings which … Continue reading

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A Bit of An Anomaly: Logos 5 and Word Lists

Does anyone care to explain to me why, when I attempt to generate a vocabulary list using Logos 5 for the LXX of Isaiah when I do this I get this: And if I select another version of the LXX, … Continue reading

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More Muslim Madness

The National Post bears the sad news- Two suicide bombs killed at least 11 people on Sunday at a church in a barracks in northern Nigeria, where the Islamist sect Boko Haram is waging a campaign of violence, the military … Continue reading

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Joe Zias on BAR- Uncensored

On the cover of the latest edition of Biblical Archaeology Review, 38:04, July/Aug 2012, the BAR Crowd declares the inscription on the James son of Joseph Brother of Jesus ossuary is authentic! Shanks’ claim reappears on page one and again on page 26 in the article’s … Continue reading

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In One Week…

Avraham Faust has agreed to join us on the Biblical Studies List for a colloquium scheduled for December 2-10. His book just published, Judah in the Neo-Babylonian Period, is available from SBL.  There’s still time to join the list so that you can take … Continue reading

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Signs of the Times

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