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The Beginnings of Christianity and the Parting of the Ways

Ekkehard Stegemann has published a  very fine essay titled Did Something Go Wrong in the Beginning? both in ASE 29/1 (2012) 7-19 (which just appeared) and in the volume previously mentioned (which I’m reviewing) titled Der Römerbrief: Brennpunkte der Rezeption. Did … Continue reading

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On The Cusp of Advent, It’s Good To Remember…

… all the power of hell, all its fortifications and defences, were demolished by the advent of Christ, and that this same power of hell can do no harm to them that are in Christ Jesus.  — Huldrych Zwingli

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Canada Has So Little Going For It…

That today it awarded Justin Bieber its Diamond Jubilee Medal. The Diamond Jubilee Medal, which was bestowed upon Justin Bieber today by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is awarded to Canadians who “have made significant contributions to Canada.” Oh boy… … Continue reading

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Black Friday: All Hype, No Substance

Finally, an honest evaluation of ‘black Friday’, by the Washington Post- Black Friday is here, and if you happen to derive pleasure from streaming around big box stores or mega malls as part of a teeming horde, well, who am … Continue reading

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Before, Or After? Or, My View on the Present Hubbub in Britain Concerning Women Bishops

It’s hard to say if the sermon in question was delivered before the vote by the Synod or after, since this is what the C of E looked like before anyway- The, to me, outcry in Britain against the Church … Continue reading

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Fritz Büsser in Zwingliana

ISSUE TITLE 14/1 (1974) Zum Werk: Théodore de Bèze, Correspondance recueillie par Hippolyte Aubert, publiée par Henry Meylan, Alain Dufour, Alexandre de Henseler, Claire Chimelli et Mario Turchetti, tome VI (1565); tome VII (1566), Genève 1970/1973  PDF Fritz Büsser 9/7 … Continue reading

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Alfred Schindler in Zwingliana

ISSUE TITLE 20 (1993) Zum 70. Geburtstag von Fritz Büsser  PDF Alfred Schindler, Heinzpeter Stucki 21 (1994) Jan Marius J. Lange van Ravenswaay, Augustinus totus noster. Das Augustin-verständnis bei Johannes Calvin, Göttingen 1990 (Forschungen zur Kirchen- und Dogmengeschichte 45)  PDF … Continue reading

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John The Baptist and His Severed Head

With – as one of the talking (live) heads, our own Candida Moss!

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More Sad News: The News of Fritz Büsser’s Death

I was unaware of it till the email about Prof. Schindler arrived but Prof. Campi also mentioned that Schindler’s death followed that of Fritz Büsser, who perished in September.    Ref.ch reported back then- Am 7. September ist Fritz Büsser, der Nestor … Continue reading

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Sad News: The Death of Alfred Schindler

Emidio Campi writes Dear colleagues and friends, With great sadness I inform you that Alfred Schindler passed away yesterday at the age of 78. Alfred was professor of Ecclesiastical History at the University of Heidelberg, Bern, and Zurich where he … Continue reading

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A New Reformed Website Worth Checking Out

Am 23. November hat die reformierte Landeskirche Aargau eine neu gestaltete Website aufgeschaltet. Sie sei bildstärker als bisher und stelle auf der Startseite Aktualitäten und Projekte in den Mittelpunkt. Moreover Auch der Twitter-Feed der Landeskirche sei auf der Startseite http://www.ref-ag.chContinue reading

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Texting With God

Do note, God only texts in German…

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Truce? What Truce?

Israeli troops shot dead a Palestinian man and wounded nine along Gaza’s border fence with Israel on Friday, a Gaza health official said, reporting the first violence since a truce between Israel and Gaza’s Hamas rulers took hold a day … Continue reading

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