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Con Campbell: Out Pitting Brad Pitt

Two words: hi-larious! Via the folk at Zondervan on the FB. Speaking of Con, my review of his brilliant book will post tomorrow, D.V. UPDATE:  And so it has.

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Bible Reading Plans for 2013: Read Your Greek New Testament and Your Hebrew Bible Through This Year

And along with that, the Greek New Testament. This is the year you can do it!

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Where in the World is Chris Tilling Now?

Churchgoers found a sign from above when they arrived at their North Carolina congregation on Sunday — a hole in the ceiling.  But in this case the man upstairs turned out to be a naked transient who fell through the ceiling at … Continue reading

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Let Me Reiterate…

Forgiveness granted without repentance expected is permission.  Nothing less.

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Now That’s Something to See! Adriano’s Goal on 20 November 2012!

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As With All Things Emergent, It Begins in a Bar…

Marc (Markie Mark) Cortez is commencing a series on Barth, Evangelicals, and Universalism.  The first post is really nicely attempted and the comments by the guy named Michael are worth noting.  I’m looking forward to the series though, since it’s … Continue reading

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An Interview With Emanuel Tov

From 1990 to 2010, Professor Emanuel Tov (Professor Emeritus, Hebrew University of Jerusalem) served as the Editor in Chief of the Dead Sea Scrolls Publication Project, producing over thirty volumes from the famed 1947 discovery nearQumran. The scrolls — written … Continue reading

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It’s Ok To Be Gay in the C of E But Not a Woman…

That’s odd. In a knife-edge decision at a special sitting of the Synod in London, bishops and clergy voted through the change by large majorities.  But the measure failed to secure the required two thirds support among representatives of the … Continue reading

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Oh Please! Here’s Your Dilly!

What: ‘RevelationS’… oh for the love of (and that’s the least of the horrendous atrocities!)… Who: Political science major?  Says it all, doesn’t it.  So… Here’s Your Dilly, Elizabeth! The book of Revelation in the landscape of Utah my right … Continue reading

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This Actually Did Make Me Laugh- Out Loud!

via Kara Cooney on the FB

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Gaza Cease-Fire?

Please, dear Lord, let it be so.

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Mainz Colloquium

11. Mainz International Colloquium on Ancient Hebrew (11. MICAH) Mainz November 1st – 3rd, 2013 Invitation and Call for Papers The 11th Mainz International Colloquium on Ancient Hebrew (11. MICAH) will take place at Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz, Germany, from Friday, … Continue reading

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Jesus: Rise To Power

Jesus: Rise To Power – Parthenon Entertainment , United Kingdom, 2012.  3 x 1 hours. Hosted by Dr Michael Scott.  How in three hundred years did a small Jewish cult become [the] one and only religion of the most powerful Empire on … Continue reading

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Pakistan Has Ended the Blasphemy Trial of Rimsha Masih

So the Guardian– A Pakistani Christian girl accused by her neighbours of burning sacred Islamic texts has had blasphemy charges against her dropped by the Islamabad high court. Rimsha Masih is believed to be one of the few people to … Continue reading

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Is God Chinese?

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Jason Goroncy’s Forthcoming Volume: Hallowed be Thy Name

It’s subtitled The Sanctification of All in the Soteriology of P. T. Forsyth. This book fills a noticeable gap in Forsyth studies. It provides readers interested in the thought of Forsyth with a way of reading and critiquing his corpus, … Continue reading

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