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And Just For Good Measure, Weep A Bit More…

No, Jay (whoever you are), it isn’t.   But thank you for giving me an aneurysm and wishing that the Mayans were right and the end would come in December.  Because, frankly, I don’t think the planet can take much more of this blatant ignorance.  Forget global warming, we need to fight global dumbness.

And Now Weep Some More…

Because this is the response to the previous tweet… from…. someone at the museum hosting a scrolls exhibit……

No, none of the scrolls are 3000 or 6000 years old.  NONE.  Not. Even. Close.   (And now, I have to go take some extra strength tylenol).  Literally.

Behold, and Weep

Today With Zwingli

On the 18th of November in 1525 his friend Johannes Oecolampadius wrote

Nihil contra Christum poterunt

in the midst of a letter sharing some news about the difficulties facing the Reformers from the camp of the Papists. Oecolampadius was a very good friend to Zwingli, always stalwart, encouraging, steadfast. A true friend indeed and those are very rare.

That little phrase may be brief, but it is utterly packed to the brim with meaning.  It is, indeed, an anchor for a ship in any storm.

Another Twitter Gem From SBL

@Steve_Runge: OH: It’s obvious the European publishers are fronts for Columbian drug lords since their prices show they have no interest in selling books.

Deane is Right: On the Situation in Gaza/Palestine

One cannot pursue – for 64 years – the catastrophic policy of driving out the majority of the inhabitants of a region, and then claim the moral high ground. It was the result of extreme nationalism and racism when it occured in South Africa; it was the result of extreme nationalism and racism when it occurred in Rwanda; it was the result of extreme nationalism and racism when it occurred in Nazi Germany. Yet it was defended in each of these other countries on ethical grounds founded on assumptions of racial superiority, national election, and divine right. The Israeli policy of eradicating Palestinians from their land will not work, but it will continue to result in direct state violence and prompt violence in return.Time for a different path. — Deane Galbraith

Deane is right.

This Is Why I Love the Germanic Folk

via Sebastian Moll on FB

A Brilliant App for Students of The Hebrew Bible, Mishna, and Talmud

Athalya Brenner writes that this app is

… a free resource program. It’s free for iphone/ipad via the […] App store. It includes bible, Aramaic translations, medieval Jewish commentators, Midrash collection, and much more. Beauty is, you can set it up to have Aramaic and medieval such as Rashi etc. as intralinear, in color. No critical editions but pretty good. Name is ובלכתך בדרך, “on your way”, and it’s great as resource and for teaching. And have I mentioned, totally free?

It’s brilliant and you can view it and read about its features here. I’m downloading it right this minute.

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Let the Excuses Commence

But, hey, they’re just Palestinians, right?  So don’t fear, John Hagee doesn’t care.

Tweetings From SBL

This afternoon Bob Cargill and Simcha Jacobovici were in the same session on the media and archaeology and by all accounts Cargill had the better presentation (naturally, since he is an actual academic and Jacobovici is a film-maker/journalist) and the superior argument.  Here are a pair of tweetings that seem to sum up the affair:

The moral?  Never bring a journalist to an academic conference and expect him to out reason or out perform someone who lectures for a living.

Who Killed Lincoln? James Bond

via Brian Kelley on G+

When Everyone Lies Dead in Gaza…

via the AP

What will Israel have?

An Israeli missile flattened a two-story house in a residential neighborhood of Gaza City on Sunday, killing at least 11 civilians, medical officials said, as Israel expanded its targets of its offensive to target homes of wanted militants.

What will the excuse be for this inexcusable act?  ‘Oh sorry, we missed’?

Five women, including one 80-year-old, and four small children were among the dead, said Gaza health official Ashraf al-Kidra.

Dear God.  Such barbarism.  ‘Oh, but they’ve been firing rockets into our empty fields and schools… what are we to do… after all, three Israelis have died, doesn’t that mean we have the right to kill as many innocents as we want?  If you disagree, you must hate Israel and be an antisemite…’  Or so the Israeli government line goes.  It’s disgusting.  Stop it.  Just STOP.

Two New Apps You Must Have (Or Invent)

First, someone needs to develop an app called ‘Angry Pastors‘. Pastors could use it to while away those long Monday’s to vent their frustrations brought about by their Cassandra-esque treatment on Sunday. Think of it- lippy deacons or elders hurled into flaming barns or screaming children batted into cavernous beasts. It would be a hit.

Second, the ‘Text Interceptor‘. Also useful for tracking down all those annoying texts people send while they’re supposed to be listening to you as you share your thoughts. This app will intercept any text sent from any phone you select and those texts will appear in an inbox on your own phone. You’ll know exactly what people are saying all the time. Imagine the implications of this powerful app. No more surprise ‘you ain’t my baby daddy’ appearances on Maury, you’ll know you aren’t the baby daddy as soon as your harlotrous woman texts her bestie who the baby daddy really is!

Someone clever needs to invent these apps. It can be done. Do it.

Quote of the Decade

If i condemn civilian killing I do not oppose Jews, and If I support Palestinian plight for a homeland i do not support Hamas #HumanityFirst– Usman Asif

SBLers Favorite Chicago Eating Hole

via Dan Stoddart on G+

Quite a name for a restaurant. Anyway, this is where SBLers like to eat. And leave a little treat behind for the staff (because they’re truly awful tippers)…

How Canadians Do SBL

Dr Jim has the details.  Be sure to read every word.  It won’t take you any longer than it takes Canadians to get in a fight at a hockey game, eh.

A Prayer for Peace

“Gott, wir fühlen uns so ohnmächtig
angesichts der Eskalation der Gewalt im Nahen Osten
und der andauernden Konflikte anderswo.
Bewahre uns davor,
uns anstecken zu lassen von menschenverachtenden Urteilen!”

Du Gott des Friedens,
wir bringen vor dich
unser Entsetzen
über so viel Gewalt und Blutvergießen
auf unserer Erde.

Wie lange noch
sollen die das Gesetz des Handelns vorgeben,
die voller Hass sind
und skrupellos den Tod anderer Menschen planen.

Wie lange noch
müssen Unschuldige leiden
und in ständiger Angst leben?
Wir sehen die Schrecken des Krieges
in den Gesichtern so vieler Kinder,
die um ihre Kindheit betrogen werden,
und möchten schreien vor Empörung.

Gott, wir fühlen uns so ohnmächtig
angesichts der Eskalation der Gewalt im Nahen Osten
und der andauernden Konflikte anderswo.
Bewahre uns davor,
uns anstecken zu lassen von menschenverachtenden Urteilen!

Beende du doch den Terror und das Gemetzel!
Und pflanze ein neues Herz,
das für Versöhnung schlägt in die Rachsüchtigen.
Gott, breite doch endlich Frieden aus
Über unsere zerrissene Welt!   (Via)