Theologian Trading Cards

My buddy Doug Iverson picked up a very cool set of ‘theologian trading cards’ while he was at ETS.  Very cool indeed.  And Doug was nice enough to scan a few of them for me so I could take a look:

Just a few observations.  First, how cool is that!  Second, the Zwingli card is very cool and accurate enough not to be misleading (though as he never went to Geneva the team name should surely be changed to reflect the centrality of Zurich for the Swiss Reformation rather than focusing on the second generation work of Calvin in Geneva).  The Barth card too is pretty much on the mark.

I confess to being, though, a touch disappointed that the Brunner card doesn’t feature a picture.  One can easily be had- and I would be happy enough to send the card’s creator one for a future edition if he wished.  The data contained on the card is – again – fair enough though I would have emphasized Brunner’s missionary interests just a bit.

The collection looks, though, like a lot of fun.


4 thoughts on “Theologian Trading Cards

  1. Norman Jeune 16 Nov 2012 at 11:22 pm

    Thank you so much for your comments Dr. West! I appreciate your initial enthusiasm about the set, and I particularly appreciate the gracious way in which you offered your constructive criticisms.

    I will say the cards were challenging to create; making decisions about what fact to include/emphasize etc.

    With respect to your comments about the lack of an image for the Brunner card, I thought the following quote might be helpful. Scot McKnight was kind enough to post a Q&A this past Monday, which among other things, addressed the question of the cards that lack an image. Perhaps you will find this excerpt helpful:

    “Could you explain the cards that contain no image, but instead have a question mark in the image spot?

    Finding images for all of the individuals in the set was a daunting task, even with an individual assigned by the publisher to assist exclusively with that piece of the project. In a number of cases, we were simply not able to find an image that could be used for the card. There were several reasons for this: in some cases it was simply a case where no image existed. This was true for some of the heretics in the very earliest era of church: People made images celebrating the lives of those who made tremendous contributions to the church, but they weren’t necessarily creating art featuring heretics. In some cases there may have been an image that existed, but perhaps not in a high enough resolution to be used. In other cases we might not have been able to acquire rights to use an image. Nevertheless, we needed to have something on the card that communicated our dilemma in some form. It was actually the silhouette one commonly sees in social media profiles when someone has not included an image of themselves that first inspired the current design. Perhaps there’s an art contest in our future to see what readers might envision as fun renditions of individuals who lack that artistic image on the front?”

    Now, in this particular case, I can’t recall which of these scenarios applied, but I will say that I appreciate your gracious offer. If you do have an image of Brunner in which you hold, or have access to, the copyright to an image of Brunner that exists in a high enough resolution to be used in the next printing, I would be in your debt if that copyrighted image could be provided. I was quite disappointed in each case where an image was not available for one or more of the reasons cited above.

    Again, I appreciate your candid, yet kindly offered words- thank you! If you can help with that image, please let me know how I can contact you- I appreciate it very much!

    In Christ,
    Norman Jeune III


    • Jim 17 Nov 2012 at 7:57 am

      what resolution do you need?


  2. Norman Jeune 18 Nov 2012 at 12:16 am

    I’m actually not sure off the top of my head. I will contact the person at the publisher who helped with the images. Once I get an answer I’ll get back to you.

    Is there a place on the blog where I can send you a direct message?


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