Paul and Union With Christ, by Con Campbell

Zondervan have sent along a review copy of Con Campbell’s new book, Paul and Union with Christ (for which I thank them).

Paul and Union with Christ fills the gap for biblical scholars, theologians, and pastors pondering and debating the meaning of union with Christ.  Following a selective survey of the scholarly work on union with Christ through the twentieth century to the present day, Greek scholar Constantine Campbell carefully examines every occurrence of the phrases ‘in Christ’, ‘with Christ’, ‘through Christ’, ‘into Christ,’ and other related expressions, exegeting each passage in context and taking into account the unique lexical contribution of each Greek preposition. Campbell then builds a holistic portrayal of Paul’s thinking and engages contemporary theological discussions about union with Christ by employing his evidence-based understanding of the theme.

I think it may well be a pretty good companion volume to Chris Tilling’s ‘Paul’s Divine Christology

My review is done and graces the www here.