Self-Serving Wealth Isn’t the Plan of God

Luther remarks (in his Sermons on John)

It is a fact that the nobility today regards all other classes as a stench in their nostrils. God did not grant you your nobility as a cause for conceit, but for useful service…  [But] a nobleman acts as the peasant’s tormentor and vampire; a rich citizen bleeds a poor one; so the peasant, too, will skin and flay the townspeople. This is the general custom in all walks of life. It has all degenerated into boasting and blustering. But God did not ordain it that way. This is not the purpose God had in mind with a king, a nobleman, a rich burgher. No, His plan was that these all were to be agents in the service of man’s welfare.*

Did you hear that?   God gives wealth and power not so that the recipients could lavish them upon themselves but that they might serve the well being of others.

*Luther’s works, vol. 22: Sermons on the Gospel of St. John: Chapters 1-4, (Jn 1:13).

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I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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1 Response to Self-Serving Wealth Isn’t the Plan of God

  1. Allow me to agree with Luther here with one caveat:
    It is NOT THE GOVERNMENT that was called by God to distribute the wealth of the wealthy! Such distribution, motivated by biblical charity, is expected of the WEALTHY and I don’t see redistribution as biblical even as judgment upon the wealthy! In fact I think if the government , WHICH HAS THE POWER OF THE GUN, and force people to do whatever it wants under the BARREL OF A GUN, as the agent of wealth redistribution is as DEVILISH as any other devilish think we may find in the bible. That was the motivation for so many evil kings, throughout the history of men, and not a few narrated in the Bible, to practice corruption and feudal power.

    Some of my minister friends that count on the government do redistribute wealth are derelict on their duty in teaching their own “wealthy sheep” as one who neglects to administer the communion and suppresses water baptism for no reason.


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