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New In the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures

Michael AVIOZ, “The ‘Spring of the Year’ (2 Chronicles 36:10) and the Chronicler’s Sources.”

Abstract: This article offers a detailed discussion of 2 Chronicles 36:10 and the differences with the parallel account in 2 Kings 24, focusing on the expression “the spring of the year,” which is present in Chronicles but absent from Kings. It argues that the differences between Chronicles and Kings cannot be explained either as representing exegetical changes or as reflecting a different Vorlage. Rather, as in this instance, such differences point to the fact that the Chronicler had access to sources that were not available to the authors of Kings.

To access the article directly please go here.

IVP Has An App, a Pocket Reference App

Just announced in fact-

The IVP Pocket Reference App: The IVP Pocket Reference app is designed for students, pastors, scholars and leaders as an aid to formal or informal study of apologetics, biblical languages, church history, contemporary religions, ethics, theology, philosophy of religion and more. Launching with the complete set of more than 300 terms and definitions from the Pocket Dictionary of Theological Terms, this app aims to become your constant companion—a convenient, expandable and customizable library of trustworthy and timely Christian reference.

At present it is available for android devices with an iPhone version expected soon. To check out the features, click the link above and to keep up with the project as it develops, follow them on the twitter- @IVPpocketref.

Here’s more-


  • Browse lists of terms or notes alphabetically
  • Search terms, definitions or notes
  • Swipe from entry to entry within any dictionary in your library
  • Add your own terms and definitions
  • Attach one or more notes to any entry
  • Highlight terms or text within definitions or notes
  • Copy and paste text within definitions or notes
  • Share terms and definitions via Facebook, Twitter or email
  • Buy additional dictionaries as they are released
  • Read offline—no Internet connection needed

I appreciate very much Adrianna Wright of IVP pointing this resource out.

I Won’t Be There Either, Christian, But I’ll See You Next Year (DV)

In the meanwhile, thanks for the pic!  I only look disgruntled because Chris Tilling is once more trying to tell me that I owe more for dinner than I really do!  That one’s a scoundrel!!!!!

1-2 Maccabees

It’s finished, and available.  Just keep scrolling till you get towards the bottom in the ‘Apocrypha’ section.  I have to say that I have never been happier to finish something.  With thanks to my very patient editor and publisher for hanging in there with me.

Livestreamed Lectures From ETS

Rather enjoying ‘being there’ via Zondervan’s ‘live streaming’.  Especially interesting is the presently ongoing presentation by Calvin Beisner on ‘Godly Stewardship’ of the planet and comparing it to ‘environmentalism’ or most specifically how ‘Christian environmentalism’ is in danger of being the ‘new Galatian-ism’.

The whole list is available here.  Especially interesting is the fact that Bauckham is coming up tomorrow!

Sage Advice From Chris ‘The Hairy Backed Caveman’ Tilling

For those attending something called SBL.  Might I suggest that you skip the papers altogether (even if you’re presenting)(All the good papers are at SOTS or ETS or CBA or the Zwingliverein or EABS).  That will free you up to do the other things Chris suggests.

Thanks, Israel

America’s ‘ally’ in the Middle East is at it again and we will all pay the price.

World oil prices rallied on Wednesday as dealers seized on news that Israel had killed a top Hamas commander in an air strike, stoking geopolitical tensions in the crude-rich Middle East region.  In late afternoon London deals, Brent North Sea crude for delivery in December spiked $1.58 to $109.84 per barrel.  New York’s main contract, light sweet crude for December or West Texas Intermediate (WTI), gained 87 cents to $86.26 a barrel. “Crude oil prices have jumped back once again after news of fire fights breaking out in the Middle East as Israel launched an airstrike on Gaza killing a Hamas commander, in retaliation for rocket attacks on Israel earlier this week,” said CMC Markets analyst Michael Hewson.  “This has prompted retaliatory action and reignited the geopolitical risk premium trade over supply concerns in the event of an escalation, as talk of an Israeli ground operation gains traction.”

Retaliation is the only negotiating tool known in the region, by both sides.  Pretty soon (eventually) the Mid East Conflict will end, when everyone in the region is dead.

Death and violence: it’s all the inhabitants of the region know.

Calvin Could Turn a Phrase Like Nobody’s Business

I again desire all my readers, if I shall have any, to remember that the Catabaptists (whom, as embodying all kinds of abominations, it is sufficient to have named) are the authors of this famous dogma [i.e., the doctrine of ‘soul sleep’ which Calvin is presently discussing]. Well may we suspect anything that proceeds from such a forge — a forge which has already fabricated, and is daily fabricating, so many monsters.  — John Calvin

I Hate To Admit It, But This Makes Me Want to Toss Someone in the Limmat…

Just like the Zurich City Council did in 1525 to the Anabaptists*.  I think you’ll agree once you see what this person does to Baptism…

What bastardizing of Christian tradition, faith and practice. Oh how I wish Texas would depart the Union.
* The Limmat is the river that bisects Zurich and the location of the execution of various re-baptizing heretics.

Self-Serving Wealth Isn’t the Plan of God

Luther remarks (in his Sermons on John)

It is a fact that the nobility today regards all other classes as a stench in their nostrils. God did not grant you your nobility as a cause for conceit, but for useful service…  [But] a nobleman acts as the peasant’s tormentor and vampire; a rich citizen bleeds a poor one; so the peasant, too, will skin and flay the townspeople. This is the general custom in all walks of life. It has all degenerated into boasting and blustering. But God did not ordain it that way. This is not the purpose God had in mind with a king, a nobleman, a rich burgher. No, His plan was that these all were to be agents in the service of man’s welfare.*

Did you hear that?   God gives wealth and power not so that the recipients could lavish them upon themselves but that they might serve the well being of others.

*Luther’s works, vol. 22: Sermons on the Gospel of St. John: Chapters 1-4, (Jn 1:13).

More on Logos 5: ‘Bible Facts- Persons, Places and Things’

One of the features of Logos 5 is the ‘Bible Facts’ tool which allows users to look up persons, places or things.  Naturally what is included in searches depends on the programmers.  So, for example, if one wants to do a search for ‘sinners’ here’s what results:

Here one discovers that the results are limited to various passages in Scripture which speak of the ‘disobedient’ the ‘ungodly’ and other such synonyms of ‘sinner’.  The same is true if one searches ‘idolater’

One fairs a bit better if one is more specific.  So, for example, if one looks for a particular sort of sinner like ‘prostitute’ one gets more than simple Scripture.  Now, one also gets other entries (and note the left hand of the search panel)

Finally, one has even better results if one searches for specific persons or places.  So, if one looks for Melchizedek here are the results:

The implications are clear enough: if one searches quite specifically one gets specific, and quite full, results.  If one searches general topics, on the other hand, one will find little more than ‘concordance’ entries.  Hence, to get the most out of this feature of the software, users should name names.  Doing that results in a fantastic wealth of material both written and illustrative.

I Wish Texas, Florida, and Louisiana Would Secede

It’s not as though they’re making the country better, or smarter…

via Bob Cargill on the FB

The Dog Who Fell into a Pit, and Discovered a First Temple Era Winepress

I guess if tv journalists can stumble into pits, so can dogs.

He never studied archeology and knows more about bones than about antiquities, but he is probably the first dog in history to uncover a major archeological site.  It all began five years ago when Zach, a mongrel, took a walk at Jerusalem’s Ramot Forest with his owner, Shaul Yona. As he was joyfully running around the forest, Zach suddenly fell into a hole in the ground.  Yona managed to get his dog out safe and sounds. As he took a deep breath following the drama, he peeked into the hole and realized that it was not just a random pit.  He alerted archeologists, who checked the hole and discovered that it had been used as a grape pressing area during the First Temple period.  The sensational discovery led to an extensive excavation, which exposed additional pits, pottery pieces and bronze coins from the Second Temple period. The dig was orchestrated by Prof. Amihai Mazar, who was awarded the Israel Prize in archaeology in 2009.

And more…

‘Free Will’? Luther v. Erasmus

Vanavond het tweede college in de serie ‘Een ‘vrije’ wil? Het eerste college wordt gehouden op 2 november (dr. Klaas van der Zwaag, het laatste wordt gehouden op 30 november (dr. H. Kerkhoff).

Vanuit de reformatie kennen we de polemiek tussen Luther en Erasmus. Een Erasmus die schrijft over een vrije wil, en een Luther die daartegenin gaat en schrijft over een slaafse wil. Hoe komen die twee nu aan zulke extreme posities? Wat bedoelden zij en wat waren de consequenties? Wat zegt dat over het heersende denken in die tijd en wat moeten en kunnen wij daar vandaag mee?

Door dr. Herman Selderhuis.  Locatie: Driestar Educatief, Gouda.  Lees hier meer over de collegeserie. Aanmelden kan hier.