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Via ‘Buzzfeed’ Andrew on the twitter.

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New In the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures

Michael AVIOZ, “The ‘Spring of the Year’ (2 Chronicles 36:10) and the Chronicler’s Sources.” Abstract: This article offers a detailed discussion of 2 Chronicles 36:10 and the differences with the parallel account in 2 Kings 24, focusing on the expression … Continue reading

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IVP Has An App, a Pocket Reference App

Just announced in fact- The IVP Pocket Reference App: The IVP Pocket Reference app is designed for students, pastors, scholars and leaders as an aid to formal or informal study of apologetics, biblical languages, church history, contemporary religions, ethics, theology, … Continue reading

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I Won’t Be There Either, Christian, But I’ll See You Next Year (DV)

In the meanwhile, thanks for the pic!  I only look disgruntled because Chris Tilling is once more trying to tell me that I owe more for dinner than I really do!  That one’s a scoundrel!!!!!

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1-2 Maccabees

It’s finished, and available.  Just keep scrolling till you get towards the bottom in the ‘Apocrypha’ section.  I have to say that I have never been happier to finish something.  With thanks to my very patient editor and publisher for … Continue reading

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Livestreamed Lectures From ETS

Rather enjoying ‘being there’ via Zondervan’s ‘live streaming’.  Especially interesting is the presently ongoing presentation by Calvin Beisner on ‘Godly Stewardship’ of the planet and comparing it to ‘environmentalism’ or most specifically how ‘Christian environmentalism’ is in danger of being … Continue reading

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Sage Advice From Chris ‘The Hairy Backed Caveman’ Tilling

For those attending something called SBL.  Might I suggest that you skip the papers altogether (even if you’re presenting)(All the good papers are at SOTS or ETS or CBA or the Zwingliverein or EABS).  That will free you up to … Continue reading

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Thanks, Israel

America’s ‘ally’ in the Middle East is at it again and we will all pay the price. World oil prices rallied on Wednesday as dealers seized on news that Israel had killed a top Hamas commander in an air strike, … Continue reading

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Calvin Could Turn a Phrase Like Nobody’s Business

I again desire all my readers, if I shall have any, to remember that the Catabaptists (whom, as embodying all kinds of abominations, it is sufficient to have named) are the authors of this famous dogma [i.e., the doctrine of … Continue reading

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I Hate To Admit It, But This Makes Me Want to Toss Someone in the Limmat…

Just like the Zurich City Council did in 1525 to the Anabaptists*.  I think you’ll agree once you see what this person does to Baptism… What bastardizing of Christian tradition, faith and practice. Oh how I wish Texas would depart … Continue reading

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Self-Serving Wealth Isn’t the Plan of God

Luther remarks (in his Sermons on John) It is a fact that the nobility today regards all other classes as a stench in their nostrils. God did not grant you your nobility as a cause for conceit, but for useful … Continue reading

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More on Logos 5: ‘Bible Facts- Persons, Places and Things’

One of the features of Logos 5 is the ‘Bible Facts’ tool which allows users to look up persons, places or things.  Naturally what is included in searches depends on the programmers.  So, for example, if one wants to do … Continue reading

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I Wish Texas, Florida, and Louisiana Would Secede

It’s not as though they’re making the country better, or smarter…

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The Dog Who Fell into a Pit, and Discovered a First Temple Era Winepress

I guess if tv journalists can stumble into pits, so can dogs. He never studied archeology and knows more about bones than about antiquities, but he is probably the first dog in history to uncover a major archeological site.  It … Continue reading

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‘Free Will’? Luther v. Erasmus

Vanavond het tweede college in de serie ‘Een ‘vrije’ wil? Het eerste college wordt gehouden op 2 november (dr. Klaas van der Zwaag, het laatste wordt gehouden op 30 november (dr. H. Kerkhoff). Vanuit de reformatie kennen we de polemiek … Continue reading

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