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On the Historical Jesus: An Observation

The Jesus of Bultmann is closer to the Jesus of the New Testament than the Jesus of NT Wright, and that’s a fact. [NB- the image of Bultmann is from this delightful and informative essay at Chrismon (a very, very … Continue reading

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P. Kyle McCarter’s Letter In Support of Chris Rollston

From his personal web-page Public Letter re: Chris Rollston 11/13/2012 Emmanuel Christian Seminary wants to fire Chris Rollston.  This is not news.  It’s already known to readers of this list and other public and semi-public forums.  Still, it seems to … Continue reading

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If The World is Warming, Then Why Has Antarctica Been Covered by More Ice Than Ever This Year?

Antarctica was shrouded by more sea ice this winter than at any time on record. So says NASA… The massive apron of sea ice that encircles Antarctica at the end of each winter has been steadily expanding. From 1978 to … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

How come we talk a lot about the sanctity of marriage but rarely mention the value of celibacy & its significance from earliest Christianity? — Melissa Fitzpatrick

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Start Planning Now: The International Congress on Calvin Research

To attend the 2014 International Congress on Calvin Research, Zurich, 2014, August 24-29. The International Congress on Calvin Research has been meeting regularly every four years since 1974. The group is essentially concerned with theological and historical research on Calvin, … Continue reading

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‘I Don’t Give a hate me Jizz for Your Internet Assembled Philosophy’

It seems timely to post the Good Vicar’s confrontation with the ‘spiritual but not religious’ who are ‘having a look around’…

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Another Dilettante Thinks Because He Studied ‘Philosophy’ He’s Qualified to Discuss Church History

These people really are nervy aren’t they, the sort who think that because they have a BA in philosophy it means that they’re qualified and competent to opine on a professional historian/scholar’s work.  Mr Potemra should stick with what he … Continue reading

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Winner of the IACS Prize for Academic Excellence in Coptic Studies

Christian Askeland’s John’s Gospel: The Coptic Translations of its Greek Text. Congratulations, Christian! This monograph explores the history of the Coptic tradition of John’s gospel, considering when these ancient Egyptian witnesses are profitable for determining the earliest readings of their … Continue reading

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Everyone Attending SBL Will Get, For Free, This Fantastic Tattoo!

Because once you leave Chicago (if you survive the gangbangers) you really will have no ‘regerts’. [Tattooing provided by Joel Watts].

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Video Book Recommendation

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A Video On the Heidelberg Catechism

In English and German too!  (Don’t let the web page scare you off- though it’s on a German site, the video is still in English and German and students of German will enjoy the read through of parts of the … Continue reading

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Now That’s Odd…

How do they know how much they cost?

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I Guess 13 Days Late is Better Than Never…

Women, always dragging their feet and showing up late…  even when they’re doing the Biblical Studies Carnival!  Proving the point, I suppose, that if women really did run the world even the trains in Switzerland would be late (an appalling … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli: How God Teaches Us, By Example

Is it not a great and effective means of teaching humility, that the Son of God, otherwise like His Father, condescended to accept the weakness of men [Philippians, 2:6], that we might all give up pride and come to God? … Continue reading

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So, Why Exactly DID Christianity Split off From Judaism?

Lawrence Schiffman discusses the subject in an essay here. The split between Judaism and Christianity did not come about simply or quickly. It was a complex process which took some one hundred years, starting from the crucifixion, and which had … Continue reading

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What Is The Fiscal Cliff?

It’s the attempt of our perverse politicians to justify their existence in a cynical sort of ‘see, you need us here or things would go all apocalyptic up in this place’.  They evidently don’t realize that we’re smart enough to … Continue reading

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Women, Angels, Headcoverings, and Paul

Loren Stuckenbruck’s 2001 essay titled Why Should Women Cover Their Heads Because of the Angels? is available at his Academia.edu page.  If the subject is the one which exercises you- give it a read.

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Exeter’s Liberal Arts Program

They’ve produced a video and Francesca S. is the host.  It’s pretty nicely done and you’ll want to watch it.

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