The Best Systematic Theology Ever Produced, By a Lutheran

I’m serious when I say this- this volume by Schmid is THE BEST systematic theology ever produced (so far) by an Lutheran.  It’s fantastic.  It should still be required reading.

The Doctrinal Theology of the Evangelical Lutheran Church produces a comprehensive look at the complete development of Lutheran theology through the turn of the nineteenth century. Heinrich Schmid draws from 10 Protestant scholastics, compiling a dogmatic volume on old Lutheran theology, citing MelanchthonChemnitz, Gerhard, Hutterus, Hafenreffer, Calov, Quenstedt, Baier, Hollaz, and König as Lutheranism’s primary post-Reformation theologians.

Originally titled Die Dogmatik Der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche, this thorough volume represents the Lutheran Church’s mid-nineteenth-century teachings and doctrine. Since its first edition in 1843, this title has enjoyed such popularity that it has received five further editions and revisions, two English translation editions, and numerous reprints, republications, and redistributions.

That bit undersells it- it’s more praiseworthy than any other volume written by a Lutheran systematician between Luther and it and between it and now.

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  1. If David Yeago ever publishes his, I think it will be the new standard for Lutheran systematic theology. Now, if only he would publish…my manuscript is 3 years out of date.


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