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"Philosophers are the Patriarchs of heretics" – Tertullian

Daily Archives: 9 Nov 2012

The Evening Session

It was pretty good though the first speaker used up an entire hour, half for his 5 minute response and 30 more with Q&A.  So though interesting, a bit annoying for a person like myself who likes structure and time observance.

Furthermore, though Torrance was passionate, he was not persuasive.  I don’t buy his theory that the ‘Covenant’ has no ‘contractual’ elements.  That simply flattens out the biblical witness and does violence to the Prophets, who CLEARLY saw the covenant as requiring binding behavior.

Anyway, here are some photos.  Take note of Goodacre…  😉  Oh, and Bailey’s awesome hat.

More anon tomorrow.


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Quote of the Day

In this world the Devil is an abbot. – Martin Luther

Preparation and Delivery… And Response…

Chris preparing, delivering, and the resounding response.

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Rescuing Chris Tilling From the ‘Golden Coral’

It’s an inside joke.  Anyway, it was good to see the reprobate Brit again and we’ve had a nice chat, a nice coffee, and shortly a nice dinner before the evening sessions begin.  Here we are:

Given that I won’t be in Chicago for SBL it’s especially nice that we have time to hang out.  Don’t tell the wicked sinner, but I think the world of him and count him one of my closest (living) friends (since most of the people I actually like are dead, such distinctions have to be made).

It Looks Like His Own De-Gaying Didn’t Take: More Pastoral Depravity

A Minnesota pastor has been arrested for sexually assaulting two gay men while counseling them about their “homosexual tendencies.” Charging documents released this week indicated that 55-year-old Rev. Ryan J. Muehlhauser was accused of eight felony counts of fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct on at least two men during sessions about how to “escape the gay lifestyle,” according to KARE. …The first victim told authorities that Muehlhauser had “blessed” him by cupping his genitals. The pastor required the victim to arouse himself for “spiritual strength” and later instructed the man to get naked and masturbate in front of him, calling it “spiritual guidance.” Muehlhauser told a second victim that he would “loose everything” if details of the abuse became public.

Reprobate.  When will depravity take a weekend off?  At least this time it wasn’t a Baptist…

Visiting Old Friends and Places

I can’t come all the way to Durham and not run up to my old home in Oxford, visit the old church, and see some old friends.  And since Wake Forest is a hop away, I have to swing by our old apartment there and visit SEBTS.

And you may not know this, but Wake Forest University was first housed – naturally – in Wake Forest.  Appleby was the home of SEBTS in 1950 when the Seminary was founded.  Indeed, that was the entire Seminary.  When Wake Forest moved to Winston-Salem the SBC purchased the entire property and the whole became SEBTS.

It’s so nice to see the folk and places again.  It brings back such profound memories, good and bad.

Enjoy the slideshow.

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Quote of the Day

Quamvis quid attinet, humanam speciem circumferas an simię, modo re non aliud sis quam belua, nec te uti alia ratione quemquam puto, quam qua mulis et asinis utitur. Opportunus es ad omne facinus; nullius enim te pudet. Tales frontes habere oportet eos, qui patrum sensum exuerunt et tyrannorum furorem induerunt. Verum quid saxum obiurgo?  quasi vero tu sensum aliquem hominis habeas, aut spes ulla sit, te ullius obiurgationem, sive blandam sive fortem, auditurum.

Deploratiorem hominem, ita me dii ament, dum universam Germaniam perlustro, non video. Sunt, qui ęquiparari tibi stulticia, iactantia, malicia possint, pręferri nemo. Deliberaveram diu mecum, quam te amanter convenire vellem; at quanto magis cogito, tanto magis video nihil per humanitatem confici tecum posse. — Huldrych Zwingli (to J. Eck)

The Gospel of Thomas Movie…

No, I’m not kidding and no, this isn’t a bit from the Onion.  It’s legit and according to Mark, it’s good.

It’s the Gospel of Thomas read by a guy who looks like he dropped out of the 1960’s from San Francisco…

If you don’t like reading, maybe you’ll enjoy watching the GTh read to you.

The Dilly of the Decade Award Winner Is…

Jason Staples!   Here’s your Dilly for all you do!

NB- Jason isn’t actually a dilettante- in fact he’s the furthest thing from it.  But last night during Goodacre’s paper while we were making the rounds introducing ourselves I simply stated my name, presuming, really, that it would be enough.  I was urged to say more though so at that point Mark interjected ‘world famous blogger’ and then Jason said ‘and the one who awards the dilly?’ to which I justifiably remarked ‘yes, do you want one’ and Jason said ‘yes, more than anything!’  So, Jason, here you go.  Enjoy!

[By the way, Goodacre thought the Dilly was in fact a turd (his word!) and not a pickle!!!!!  Thanks to Dan Owen for reminding me just now what Mark said.  Isn’t that appalling!!!  As though a Dilly would be anything but a Dill pickle.  Those Brits and their scatological minds!]

The Setting

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Duke Campbell Conference

Yesterday I walked from my hotel to Mark Goodacre’s talk on GTh and I thought it would be a short jaunt from the hotel.  I was mistaken.  It was 2 miles and a good bit of it was ‘offroad’ (i.e., no sidewalks).

So today, I’m going to take advantage of the parking assigned for the meeting and go ahead and drive.

It’s not that I mind walking, I don’t at all.  What I do mind is being run over because there’s only 3 feet of walking room on the side of the road and cars are whizzing by at 40.

I’m very much looking forward to the discussions ahead.  More anon…

Free Access to SAGE Journals

From SAGE-

To coincide with the AAR/SBL conference, SAGE is offering free access to our extensive range of journals in Theology, Biblical Studies and Religious Studies throughout November.  You can access them for free by signing up here – including two major special issues, commemorating the bicentennials of two great institutions: 

Interpretationcelebrating 200 years of Union Presbyterian Seminary

Theology Todaycelebrating 200 years of Princeton Theological Seminary

The New EABS Website is Up

And it’s impressive.  Check your bookmarks and make sure you point them to the new URL-