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Mark Goodacre’s Presentation on GThomas

In a word, excellently done (and based on his newly published book of the same subject).  Here are some photos of the seminar and doubtless some faces you’ll know:

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At Duke for the Campbell Conference

The requisite room photos: Off now to see Tilling and Goodacre.  More anon.

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Supporting Chris Rollston

Bob Cargill writes I’d like to announce an open call for letters in support of Dr. Christopher Rollston, who Emmanuel Christian Seminary is presently attempting to terminate, despite the fact that he is a tenured professor holding an endowed chair. See Bob’s … Continue reading

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Guess Which Two Countries Wanted Romney Elected?

And yes, just two.  Israel and Pakistan. International polls show that while Obama was favored as the leader of the free world, citizens of only two countries supported Romney’s candidacy: Israel and Pakistan. That says a lot. But why? The … Continue reading

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John Calvin: A Pilgrim’s Life, by Herman Selderhuis

Adrianna Wright, that tremendously competent IVP Academic soul, has sent along for review a copy of Herman Selderhuis’ John Calvin. Professor and renowned Reformation historian Herman Selderhuis has written this book to bring Calvin near to the reader, showing him … Continue reading

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The Dead Sea Scrolls In Amsterdam

Details are sparse, and I’m not sure that whoever did the English translation got some things right (like ‘lyrics’??? ‘AC’???)- The University of Groningen in cooperation with the Qumran Institute organizes an exclusive exhibition on Dead Sea Scrolls.  The exhibition shows original Biblical manuscripts and objects from the … Continue reading

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The Pope Leaves Rome!

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Tomorrow is the Day: ‘The Deliverance of God’ Conference at Duke

Featuring Chris Tilling himself.  It should be good!  If you’re in the area I’m sure you can still arrange to attend.  I’m planning on being there myself, so travel time to and from might crimp postings (though there are always … Continue reading

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Archaeology at Carchemish

The Times of Israel reports Few archaeological sites seem as entwined with conflict, ancient and modern, as the city of Karkemish. The scene of a battle mentioned in the Bible, it lies smack on the border between Turkey and Syria, … Continue reading

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December 14th, That’s The Day…

When this comes to theaters!   Hooray!!!!!

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A Nice Video on the Heidelberg Catechism’s 450th Anniversary

Here. Zum Jubiläum der Publikation machen das kurpfälzische Museum, das Heidelberger Schloss sowie das Paleis Het Loo im niederländischen Apeldoorn im Frühjahr eine Ausstellung. Unter dem Titel “Macht des Glaubens” werden neben der Originalausgabe weitere hochkarätige Exponate aus dem 16. … Continue reading

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Has Yigal Levin Identified the Site of David and Goliath’s Confrontation?

Deane writes According to an article by Yigal Levin in the August 2012 issue of the Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research, the archaeological site of Khirbet Qeiyafa is none other than the Israelite camp mentioned in the story … Continue reading

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