Logos 5: Preliminary Observations

07 Nov

Logos 5 has arrived courtesy the fine folk at Logos.  The resources in the package sent me are so massive and so extensive* that over the course of the next weeks I’ll be posting observations and remarks as I work my way through them.

For now, first, a word on the download:  it took a bit of time for the 1.55Gb + 700Mb to download on my low range DSL.  I suggest that if you aren’t blessed with a super fast connection (such as are found in most parts of the civilized world), you start the download when you go to bed and then in all likelihood when you wake up it will be finished.

Second, an observation on the resources available in the v5 Platinum package:  wow!  There are over 1000 books including some of the most important exegetical works of recent and distant history.

If I were to characterize the Platinum package I would call it exegetical resource heaven.  If exegesis, textual criticism, and interpretation are your goal, this seems the very electronic collection you would wish to obtain.  Here are a series of screen shots (and many more could have been added) simply to give you a sense of what the collection includes (and do click to enlarge) :

It’s certainly worth noting at this juncture that the page layout for Logos 5 is a bit different than version 4.  Here, for example, the nav bar that was previously along the top of the page is now the left sidebar.  Installation was seamless and all of my existing resources were there in version 5, my collection now surpassing well over 3774 books.

Also worth remarking upon at this early juncture (and again, this massive tool will take time to work through) is the fact that given the large amount of new materials, indexing takes a bit of time too. Don’t despair; if your machine slows down it won’t be so noticeable that you are driven into a hair pulling frenzy.

I will certainly have more to say in due course. For now let me just say- I’m very impressed indeed. Very, very impressed.

* Logos sent the Platinum Upgrade of Logos v5 for review, for which I thank them. And I also thank them for allowing me the freedom to review this resource unhindered by any requests for positive feedback. This series of posts, then, will be honest review and not simply ‘paid advertisement’.

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One response to “Logos 5: Preliminary Observations

  1. Marshall Barth

    8 Nov 2012 at 12:24 pm

    PTL!!! I’d love for them to send me such, though I’d be praying for the Portfolio edition since I’ve upgraded to silver already.:{))) You’re totally right when you say it will take a while to go thru it all, the improvements I’ve gone through already are great improvements to the already awesome program(though I usually call it “an operating system,” for it is more likened to one :{))) )