Would You Like a Copy of Mark Goodacre’s New Book, ‘Thomas and the Gospels’?

Mark sent me a copy and nearly simultaneously so did the nice people at Eerdmans.  Mark’s is signed so I’m keeping it and the Eerdmans direct isn’t so, because I don’t need two copies, I’m giving the second away.

If you’d like it you must

1- Live in the United States.
2- Have a deep and abiding interest in Synoptic studies.
3- Not be unpleasant.
4- Write a tiny paragraph in comments below and tell my why you yourself are particularly worthy.

I will then allow myself quite capriciously to choose the best response, and you’ll be the winner.

UPDATE:  And the WINNER IS-  Sytze van der Laan.  Congrats-  email me your mailing address and I’ll have it to you in days.

About Jim

I am a Pastor, and Lecturer in Church History and Biblical Studies at Ming Hua Theological College.
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18 Responses to Would You Like a Copy of Mark Goodacre’s New Book, ‘Thomas and the Gospels’?

  1. doug says:

    Dear Jim:
    1. i live in the United States.
    2. my interests are varied, but I know letter about the Gospel of Thomas, except someone copied bits of it and rearranged the words to make it look like Jesus had a wife. (there was more to it than this. I especially found the coptic-interlinear part to be very funny. Such a poor forgery).
    3. I am not unpleasant.
    4. Please fuel my interest in the gnostic gospels. thank you.


  2. Come on Dr. West, it will be very cheap for you to send it here to Australia. I just sent the Robert Stein book, Jesus and the Messiah, to Chile. I was inspired by you in this regard.


  3. 1. I live in the battle-state Ohio.
    2. New Testament studies are my winter hobby, the other seasons I’m unfortunately doing yard work etc.
    3. I love all animals, even people 😉
    4. I maintain a Gospel of Thomas website since 1995 with a particularly atrophied bibliography on that subject. The last book I read on the topic is in fact the last book by the late professor Quispel, which was published in 2004. I’m embarrassed to admit, this bibliography probably doesn’t even have one of Mark’s work listed yet, auch. But to come to the point why I’m particularly worthy, my wife doesn’t like me to keep adding Gospel of Thomas books to my growing, albeit dated, collection. Receiving this book in the mail, as if I had miraculously won something, would be the perfect loophole and much easier to explain than a trip to the bookstore and the credit card bill! 😉


  4. Dan Ortiz says:

    That is typical…. just because you own your independence from the Brits doesn’t mean you can’t use their postal service ya know…. Goodacre is a Brit in the first place….
    Must we be punished for the country we choose to live ?…. ; )


  5. Steve says:

    Dear Jim,
    I’d like to receive Goodacre’s Thomas volume because I think he is a swell guy (Mark, not Thomas). He writes clearly and I really need that sort of thing to help me claw my way into Synoptics. Another reason you should consider me your winner is that I’ve never (yet) posted compromising photos of you on the Internet, though this might change due to a poor decision on your part. Plus, and I’m taller than you, which means you look up to me. Please let me be your winner, I promise to live up to the hype. (Note the pleasantness veritably dripping from the above prose.)


  6. Steve says:

    P.S. I’d rather have the signed copy. Just a thought.


  7. James Bos says:

    Dear Jim, I’m an instructor at Ole Miss who teaches NT regularly despite being a Hebrew Bible specialist. I desparately need more NT resources! I’ll have nearly 50 students next semester who will benefit from my deepened understanding of the gospel traditions should you choose to give me the book. If that’s not enough, I’ll root for the Titans today, or request that the Ole Miss library acquire a book or two about Zwingli (if they do not have them yet). Thanks!


  8. Acidri says:

    Intolerant Americans! Just because I don’t live in the US doesn’t mean you should leave me out ;o)


  9. Dear Jim,
    I live in the US. I have a deep and abiding interest in Synoptics and learned everything I know about it from listening to Goodacre on the NT Pod. As we’ve met at SBL, you’ll know that I’m not unpleasant. The most important reason though is that I can save you on shipping because you can hand it to me at SBL in less than two weeks and I can spend the rest of the conference following Goodacre around and begging for him to sign my copy, too.


  10. Ross Macdonald says:

    I believe I deserve this copy as I visit this blog daily despite your eccentric posts. Furthermore I hail from the stony soil of Massachusetts and by Tuesday I may have to endure being represented by a despicable Harvard femi-Nazi as my Senator… leaving the potential for reading some Goodacre chapters my sole possibility of finding some miniscule measure of joy for weeks to come… please help…


  11. Dear Dr. West,

    Thank you for this opportunity to be given a free book. I’m new to the area of gospels outside the four in the canon, though I did purchase a copy of the Gospel of Judas a few years ago. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to learn more, especially about the Gospel of Thomas, as I see it referenced frequently in my studies, and especially since it is a work of Mark Goodacre. Besides, I’m from TN, so mailing it to me would be cheaper for you. 🙂 Thanks again for the opportunity. God bless.



  12. Jason says:

    Hello, St. Jim.

    1 – I live in the US (Texas, to be specific, which I know may disqualify me!)
    2 – While my interest in the synoptics isn’t as deep as others, I would like to be a bit more knowledgeable in this area.
    3 – I am quite pleasant, like a nice cup of Earl Gray tea
    4 – 3 Reasons I should receive this book. 1) Zwingli was the greatest of all reformers, 2) Bultmann was the greatest NT scholar of his day, and 3) Von Rad was the greatest OT scholar of his day. There.

    *what’s this on my nose*



  13. Dan Ortiz says:

    hahahahaha way to brown nose there Jason…. hahahahahaha… excellent post, although you forgot to mention that Jesus was a baptist.


  14. Jeremiah says:

    Mein Vater in dem Herrn,

    I wish to have Goodacre’s book, because I have, as of late, been taking a seminar on the Historical Jesus. The question of the relationship between Thomas and the Synoptic gospels is of the utmost importance for the arguments about which sayings are original. If Thomas is independent, it provides a second, albeit tainted, stream of tradition. If it is not, then it ceases to be useful in establishing the original sayings of Jesus. Furthermore, I will be at the Duke conference, so you won’t even have to bother taking it to SBL for the hand-off!


  15. Jeremiah says:

    I typed my response yesterday and forgot to click the post button. When I looked at my browser today I noticed the still open tab, so I clicked the button, the page refreshed, and I saw my mistake.


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