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A Very Handy Resource: Which Volumes of Luther’s Weimar Ausgabe Correspond to The English Edition- ‘Luther’s Works’?

That’s the question that arises from time to time.  That is, suppose one is reading along in the Weimar Ausgabe of Luther’s Works and one wants to find the corresponding passages in the English edition of Luther’s Works (or vice versa)?  There isn’t, unfortunately, a ‘key’ in the English edition (though there should be).

Fortunately for all of us who have looked for such a help, it does in fact exist.  Here.  At the Luther Index.  I recommend you bookmark it. You can search equivalents by title, English Edition, or German Edition.  Enjoy.

Papyrology Day Conference at Tyndale House

Tyndale House, Cambridge, UK

Tyndale House is pleased to host a day conference featuring research papers on a variety of topics connecting papyrology and Biblical studies and reading seminars for those who want to learn more about reading Greek texts on papyrus. All are welcome (some knowledge of Greek is recommended!), for the whole day or particular sessions.

Via Peter Head.  Go here for many more details.

Adam Couturier’s Impression of Logos 5

Here.  It’s not overly long and is fairly positive.  Give it a look if you’re considering upgrading to v. 5 of Logos software.

New York


Quote of the Day

Utut mecum sit, tamen Deus est Deus-  Martin Luther

As Is Simply Fitting…

Face it, friends, no other biblioblogger has a street named after them:

Search as you wish, you’ll never find a St Joel Watts or St Scott Bailey or St Robert Cargill or St James Tabor street.    So very, very appropriately…

Van Persie Bids Farewell to Arsenal

Blah. He could have at least picked a decent team to go to…

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Scholars You Should Know: Christoph Markschies

Christoph is a faculty member of the Humboldt University in Berlin.  You can sample his work on Academia .edu and you’ll find it extraordinary.  Take, for instance, this essay on the worship of Christ.  Or select one of his many other pieces.

You can also find him on Facebook and of course you can visit his webpage. And you can see his extensive and impressive bibliography here.

Christoph is a scholar you should know.

A New Facsimile Edition of the Heidelberg Catechism

Der Verlag Van Wijnen (Franeker, NL) bringt im Frühjahr 2013 eine niederländische Neuausgabe vom Erstdruck des Heidelberger Katechismus von 1563 heraus. Es handelt sich um die Emdener Edition, deren einziges Exemplar sich im Besitz der Utrechter Universitätsbibliothek befindet.

 Zwei unterschiedliche Ausgaben werden erscheinen: eine in Halbleder gehaltene, marmorierte und von Hand arabisch nummerierte Ausgabe mit einer Auflage von maximal 750 Exemplaren zu je 129,50 € sowie eine mit Ledereinband versehene und von Hand römisch nummerierte Sonderedition mit einer Auflage von maximal 250 Exemplaren zu jeweils 295 €.

Neben der Faksimile der niederländischen Erstausgabe veröffentlicht Van Wijnen auch eine Neuauflage des Erstdrucks des Heidelberger Katechismus auf deutsch. Darin fehlen noch Frage und Antwort 80 zur Messe.

That’s very cool.  Via our friends at Refo500.