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It’s Carnival Time: The Big Ole Gigantic Huge Humongous Edition Which Includes Every Posting in November From Every Biblioblog

And it’s the biggest Carnival I’ve ever seen.  Ever.  It’s so large it requires double columns of tiny print and it’s still downward scrolling for ages. My hat’s off to ya Bob- THAT was a lot of work.  Well done.

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Simcha Goes to North Korea!

Archaeologists in North Korea have apparently discovered a mythical unicorn lair belonging to an ancient king, according to a highly dubious report from the state news agency. The quite unbelievable claim of the discovery of the unicorn lair belonging to … Continue reading

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Why Is It Easier to Doubt than Believe; to Fear than to Trust?

A question was proposed by Master Ignatius, a student of sacred literature, on the day before the Kalentis of December, 1532 (i.e., November 30): Why do we more readily believe Satan when he terrifies than Christ when he consoles? The … Continue reading

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The ‘Jesus Blog’ is on the Twitter

Here.  It’s the offspring of Le Donne and the other guy whose name I cannot currently recall.  Give it a look.  Or, just wait a while.  They’ve only got 2 tweets so I guess this is just the beginning.

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Michael Heiser Contra the Dilettantes: Or, How Things In Ignorance Land Never Change

Another term, another round of biblical ignorance. I was treated this morning to an email that asked my opinion of this link. Another pseudo-Bible “student” passing around the idea that the Bible names Barack Obama as the Antichrist. This monument to … Continue reading

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On The Anniversary of Otto Kaiser’s Birth

The Old Testament scholar Otto Kaiser was born on November 30th, 1924.   A Bultmannian, Kaiser’s many volumes are articulate and insightful.  His most important work, in my estimation, is Der Gott des Alten Testaments. Theologie des Alten Testaments in 3 vols. He’s … Continue reading

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Bibi’s Unbounded Evil

Bibi Netanyahu has approved 3000 additional housing units in the Palestinian territories in response to the vote of the United Nations.  And he wonders why Israel is isolated.  It’s a no-brainer Bibi- the vast majority of the world’s population thinks … Continue reading

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A Random Act of Kindness from Jona Lendering

I went to the Post Office and was happily surprised to discover a box from the Dutch-land from Jona Lendering which contained a copy of his new book and a mug from Sicily and one from Budapest.  So I wanted … Continue reading

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Conference Announcement: The Bible on TV

King’s College, London, is hosting The Bible on TV. Location: Great Hall King’s Building Strand Campus Category: Conference When: 11/12/2012 (10:00-16:30) Contact: Organised by Dr Edward Adams (Senior Lecturer in New Testament Studies). Please contact Mr Matthew Claridge via … Continue reading

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Alban Books at SOTS Winter Meeting

From Elaine Reid- Alban Books will have a book display at the forthcoming SOTS Winter Meeting in Cambridge this January. If there are any of our books, which you can view at our new website, that you would like us … Continue reading

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The U.N. Vote Map-ified

Via Ha’aretz on Facebook- click to enlarge

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Elad and The Manipulation of Facts in Silwan

An interesting essay today over on Art Info which contains this usefully instructive paragraph which so nicely encapsulates what Elad is all about: A 2006 report by Ir Amim, a left-wing advocacy group focused on Jerusalem, described one instance in … Continue reading

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Let Me Be Perfectly Clear About This

Since I’ve already gotten a bit of ‘hate mail’ because of the previous post: 1- I love Israel, and I love my Israeli friends. 2- I think the use of terror to harass and torment them by Hamas is evil. … Continue reading

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The World Votes in Favor of Peace for the Palestinians and the Israelis…

Except for 9 nations which voted against it: 9 nations voted “no” to #UN Palestine bid: US, Israel, Canada, Czech Rep, Nauru, Palau, Panama, Marshall Islands, Micronesia. That’s some company you keep, U.S. of A….  We’ve linked arms with Panama and Palau… … Continue reading

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So, Something Else to Love About Logos 5

While working with the LXX I discovered something of an anomaly, which I mentioned here.  Rick Brannan read the post and commented- Ken’s got it right. “LXXALT” represents the alternate versions of texts in Rahlfs; Isaiah has no separate alternate … Continue reading

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Milligan Beware: A Marriage To Emmanuel Christian Seminary May Result in Muzzled Faculty

Bob Cargill notes Confirming two items that I’ve mentioned on this blog over the past month (here and here), Emmanuel Christian Seminary President, Dr. Michael Sweeney, confirmed via two separate emails sent to all Emmanuel students the following two items: Emmanuel is … Continue reading

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Emidio Campi’s Obituary of Alfred Schindler

With heartfelt thanks to Prof. Campi for sending along this newly revised edition: Nachruf Alfred Schindler (31. Dezember 1934 – 19. November 2012) Prof. Dr. Alfred Schindler verstarb im 78. Altersjahr. Alfred Schindler, ein international anerkannter Augustin-Spezialist, der sich auch … Continue reading

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Are you In Lichtenstein? You’ll Want to Attend This Lecture

Woher stammt der Satz “Ecclesia semper reformanda”  (= die immer der Reform bedürftige Kirche)? Eine historische Spurensuche, by Prof. Dr.Dr. hc. Emidio Campi, Emeritierter Professor für Kirchen- und Dogmengeschichte Theologische Fakultät der Universität Zürich. Go to the link for time and place.

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Are You In Bergamo, Italy? If So, Or Nearby, Heads Up

This lecture series concludes Saturday with the inestimable Emidio Campi holding forth on Heinrich Bullinger: La Riforma nella città di Zurigo Huldrych Zwingli, Pier Martire Vermigli, Heinrich Bullinger novembre – dicembre 2012 Zurigo, la principale città svizzera, conta 385.000 abitanti. … Continue reading

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Originally posted on XKV8R: The Official Blog of Robert R. Cargill, Ph.D.:
I received the following letter from Dr. Ronald Hendel at the University of California, Berkeley, which I am posting below. I have added Dr. Hendel’s letter…

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