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When You’ve Been Let Go, It Gives You A Better Perspective on Those Who Suffer Similarly: LeDonne on Pahl

Anthony LeDonne has posted a brief entry on the Pahl debacle.

Taliban ‘education’

Notice that, in the official statement of Dr. Pahl’s dismissal, there is a clear indication that the constituency and trustees hold sway over the interpretation of the doctrines listed. They are in a position of power to decide who “concurs fully” with their worldview and who does not. If I were a parent considering Cedarville University for my children, I would be very concerned that the worship of media and money has been placed in idolatrous prominence over the worship of God. I would be concerned, further, that an administration, board of trustees, and constituency that demotes the belief in God to second place might not be the best arbiters of Christian doctrine.

He has a unique perspective having himself felt the ax of Taliban-esque administrators.  Give it a look.

Written by Jim

30 Oct 2012 at 3:33 pm

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