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Worried after a week of increasingly bizarre conversations with his younger brother, Glen Birdow drove to Fort Worth last weekend, hoping to understand why his brother was saying people were trying to kill him and that someone had stuck a … Continue reading

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Ok, Let’s Hear The Derision Reserved for Pat Robertson Leveled at Oliver Stone

If Pat Robertson got on his 700 Club and made the claims that Oliver Stone has, about Sandy being ‘punishment’ for something or other, people everywhere would be on him like white on rice.  So where’s the derision of Oliver … Continue reading

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Richard Land’s Meaningless ‘Endorsement’ of Mitt Romney

I hate to put it bluntly, but Mitt Romney is not a Christian.  He doesn’t accept the teachings of historic Christianity and he doesn’t believe what the Bible teaches about salvation.  He. Just. Doesn’t.  He can’t.  He’s a Mormon. Given … Continue reading

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When You’ve Been Let Go, It Gives You A Better Perspective on Those Who Suffer Similarly: LeDonne on Pahl

Anthony LeDonne has posted a brief entry on the Pahl debacle. Notice that, in the official statement of Dr. Pahl’s dismissal, there is a clear indication that the constituency and trustees hold sway over the interpretation of the doctrines listed. … Continue reading

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Some of the Most Shocking Photos from Sandy


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The IAA and Its Collection of Coins

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Michael Brown is the LAST Person Who Should Give Advice Concerning Disaster Response

And yet, because the world is as it is, he has accused President Obama of, get this, responding to Hurricane Sandy TOO QUICKLY! Former FEMA Director Michael Brown offered criticism of President Obama’s early responses to Hurricane Sandy yesterday, including … Continue reading

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Regarding The Earlier Post on Theodicy

Here and there on Facebook and the Twitter I’ve seen complaints about my little piece from earlier which only the dimmest would take for a full-blown explanation of a complicated problem.  To those who have weighed it in the balances … Continue reading

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Thank You, Professor Garbini

The tremendously kind Giovanni Garbini has sent along three of his latest tomes: I’ve added them to the Garbini/ Liverani section of my shelves where they find a welcoming home and will, like the others, enjoy frequent consultation. By the … Continue reading

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The Problem With Natural Disasters For Christians: The Solution to Theodicy

Most Christians believe that God is omnipotent.  That is, they believe God is all powerful and therefore ‘in control’.  God is in control of the universe, and therefore the world.   I think most Christians (except maybe the Episcopalians) would … Continue reading

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The Gay Republican Who Lied About Being The Victim of Bias

Anything for the cause, right? Kyle Wood, an openly gay Republican campaign worker in Wisconsin, admitted on Monday that he faked a bias attack against himself. Last Thursday, The Daily Caller reported Wood’s allegation that he was the victim of vandalism and … Continue reading

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The Latest from Lawrence Schiffman

The purpose of the presentation that follows is to argue that the Qumran sectarians, usually identified as the Essenes described by Josephus and other Greek-writing authors, prohibited carrying from domain to domain on the Sabbath, basing themselves on certain biblical … Continue reading

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Twitter Lies and the Liars who Pseudonymously Tweet Them

The twitter user @comfortablysmug is one of a handful of pseudonymous Manhattan professionals who keep their widely-followed Twitter voices separate from their careers. His bio describes him as “My Interests: Finance, Gin, Politics, Books, Food, Fine Clothing, Meeting Strangers #Mitt2012” and links to … Continue reading

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