Idolatry at Southwestern ‘Baptist’ ‘Theological’ ‘Seminary’

I have the words in ‘scare quotes’ in the title of this post intentionally, for SWBTS has – it seems- ceased being Baptist, teaching theology, or being a Seminary at all.  Look at a stained glass window they’ve installed:

Rick Warren in stained glass… At a Baptist school? Are they completely unaware there that Warren is a false teacher? Or do they now simply pander to the mentality of the mega-churchers and so care nothing for whether or not someone is a faithful teacher of the Bible?

What profound absurdity- the exaltation of a heretic. SWBTS, I’m ashamed of you.

2 thoughts on “Idolatry at Southwestern ‘Baptist’ ‘Theological’ ‘Seminary’

  1. Wait: Warren is a “Dr”?! Seriously? Was this an honorary thing (and if so, why?!) or does he suffer from a Scofield complex?


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