What? What??? WHAT??????

If you don’t believe in capitol punishment before you read this- you will after-

A group of men beat up a foreigner who had raped a 16-year-old girl said to be mentally retarded – and then proceeded to rape her themselves. The victim claimed the first incident took place on Thursday when the foreigner forced himself on her in a dilapidated hut. She managed to flee the hut soon after the rape but not before her naked pictures were snapped by the alleged rapist. The victim then sought help from a friend who called his three friends to look for the foreigner. They gave him a beating when they found him. The youths then took the victim to a house, where a fifth man was waiting, and they took turns raping her. The victim stayed there overnight and was only found later as she was wandering the streets by her brother-in-law the following night.

How evil can people be? That evil.

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