Happy Birthday to the World’s Best, Most Patient Wife

We have been married, Doris and I, for nearly 30 years (we celebrate the big 30 on June 25, 2013).  And like most, we’ve had our ups and downs and fussings.  But never has there been born a sweeter person with the patience of all the Saints in heaven combined than her.  I was a 145 pound skinny little 23 year old when we married and my love for and affection for and admiration for her have grown even more exponentially than my body has.

I thank God every day for her- for her life, for her partnership, for her ministry alongside me.  Without her, God knows it’s true, I wouldn’t be.

Thank you God, this day and each, for my wife, Doris.  Give her, won’t you, a happy day filled with joy, peace, tranquility, and grace.

Happy birthday Doris.  I love you.

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