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One Last Reminder Concerning the Duke U. Conference: ‘The Deliverance of God’

Details Here. This conference will engage Douglas Campbell’s book, “The Deliverance of God” (Eerdmans, 2009). It will summarize and critically discuss his proposals concerning the modern interpretation of Paul’s justification language, argumentation, and resulting version of the gospel. It will cover … Continue reading

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Conference Report: Betrayal of the Humanities: The University during the Third Reich, University of Minnesota, April 15–16, 2012.

I wanted to attend that one a lot.  Fortunately, Bernard has placed it online.  Here’s the opening- On April 15-16, 2012, the University of Minnesota hosted “Betrayal of the Humanities: The University during the Third Reich,” a multi-discipline symposium organized … Continue reading

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What? What??? WHAT??????

If you don’t believe in capitol punishment before you read this- you will after- A group of men beat up a foreigner who had raped a 16-year-old girl said to be mentally retarded – and then proceeded to rape her … Continue reading

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You Won’t Hear About this From American News Sources

Settler attacks [in the Occupied Palestinian Territories]  have been on the rise since the olive harvest started at the beginning of October. They have become so frequent they prompted a senior United Nations envoy to condemn them and call on … Continue reading

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I’ve Finally Figured Out Why 76% of Americans Skipped Church Today

They’re afraid to go!  They actually think they live in Nigeria and they don’t want to run the risk of being victims of a suicide bombing.  Ah, now it all makes sense- and here I just thought that they lacked … Continue reading

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On ‘Reformation Day’- Again, On this ‘Reformation Sunday’

‘Reformation Day?  No!’* ‘The Reformation’ is a misnomer if ever there were one, for in fact there was no ‘one’ Reformation any more than there was just one Reformer. ‘The Reformation’, when used by students and the general public, usually … Continue reading

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‘Reformation Sunday’? Oh Puleeezzeeee

Luther simply protested.  The Reformed Reformers (Zwingli and Calvin) reformed the long corrupt Church.  Claiming that ‘protest’ is Reformation is like suggesting whining is the same thing as doing something to correct a wrong.

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On Worship: An Observation

God is a spirit; hence those who are to worship Him cannot do it in any better way, nor ought they to do it in any other way, than by devoting the heart to Him; not by an oath such … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to the World’s Best, Most Patient Wife

We have been married, Doris and I, for nearly 30 years (we celebrate the big 30 on June 25, 2013).  And like most, we’ve had our ups and downs and fussings.  But never has there been born a sweeter person … Continue reading

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