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A Right Fine Debunking of the Wretched Anthropocentric Pseudo-Theology of the Seeker Sensitives

Here, all of which you should read. If I had ten dollars for every time I’ve heard a seeker-driven pastor justify the crazy antics that happen in their churches by claiming that “the church doesn’t exist for believers”, I’d be able to … Continue reading

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Another Quote of the Day, So Sue Me…

Faith, indeed, has also its eyes, but they are such as penetrate into the invisible kingdom of God, and are contented with the mirror of the Word. — John Calvin

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Quote of the Day

The faithful are not logs of wood, nor have they so divested themselves of human feelings, but that they are affected with sorrow, fear danger, and feel poverty as an evil, and persecutions as hard and difficult to be borne. … Continue reading

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How We Ought to View One Another’s Work

On 12 March 1551 Calvin wrote to Bullinger, in thanks for some books which Bullinger had sent as a gift- I am glad to profit by the writings of others. And indeed intercourse like this is brotherly, when we know … Continue reading

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Another Reason to Hate Halloween: The Sexualization of Young Girls

I hate Halloween.  I just purely hate it.  There are lots of reasons, and the HuffPo has pointed out another: what used to be cute kids dressing up in cute or funny costumes has turned into yet another opportunity for … Continue reading

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Go Ahead, Use Craigslist… at Your Own Risk and Life’s Peril

Maybe some nut like this multiple murderer will show up at your house… A suspect was in custody after being arrested Friday in the killing of three people and wounding of two others in suburban Los Angeles, authorities said.  Jade … Continue reading

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Bullinger and Islam

Perhaps the most well-informed Reformer on the religion of Islam was Heinrich Bullinger.  In 1567 he wrote a fairly long book titled Der Türgg : von Anfang und Ursprung dess türggischen Gloubens, der Türggen, ouch jrer Königen und Keyseren, und … Continue reading

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Originally posted on For Christ and His Kingdom:
“If our God to whom we pay reverence exists, he is able to deliver us from the furnace of blazing fire and he will deliver us from your hand, O king. And…

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Originally posted on Apprentice 2 Jesus:
The presidential campaign has reached the $2 billion mark. Each candidate, plus the “Super PACs,” plus political party dollars have added up to this presidential election raking in $2 billion. It won’t stop. We will…

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Servetus Day, Or As I Like to Call it, “The Good Old Days”

The verdict read out on 27 October, 1553 against the heretic Servetus in Geneva is as follows- Now, we the Syndics and Judges in criminal cases within this city, having reviewed the process carried on before us, at the instance … Continue reading

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What Britain’s NHS is Teaching Children About Sex and Sexuality: It Sure Isn’t Self Respect

This is a bit – no – it’s (that is, the NHS website referenced in the story) a lot more than a bit, it’s completely disturbing and thoroughly inappropriate. The Mail’s article title – Is it normal to have sex … Continue reading

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Refo500 At the 16th Century Society Conference

At the Sixteenth Century Conference in Cincinnati, October 25-28, 2012 Refo500 sponsored two well-attended sessions related to various RefoRC-research projects including the Melanchthon edition, the project ‘Doctrina et Tolerantia’, the edition of the Acts of the Synod of Dordrecht and … Continue reading

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