First Thoughts on Nestle-Aland 28

Review of the contents themselves will follow soon- what I want to draw attention to at the moment are features of the new edition that strike me as noteworthy.

First, and I like this very much, the edition has its number nicely embossed on the front cover-

Second, it includes a card in both German and English

This is quite useful for the poor souls who do not yet know the language of heaven (German) and must hobble along in their biblical studies with only English (and, one would presume Greek, if they have a GNT).  Third, the size of the new edition is quite nice-

Notice as well the title of 1 Peter.  Compare this to NA27 (below, where both editions are beside each other) –

I’m really quite pleased that the font of NA 27 has been retained.  It’s quite lovely and remarkably legible.  Far superior to other editions which use a dreadful and unfortunate italic font.

So, in terms of aesthetics, NA 28 is both an improvement on and a continuation of the brilliant family from which it descends.  Next time, some observations on various readings.