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Zwingli and Islam

Emidio Campi writes [Zwingli] considered Islam basically as a heretic sect deviating from true Christian faith (Z VI/1, 451, 3-16), and regarded the Turks as God’s punishment for Christendom (Z VI/3, 359,2 – 360,2…).  On the other hand, he was … Continue reading

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The Celebration of the 65th Anniversary of the Biblical Studies Department at Sheffield Continues

29th October 2012 – Emeritus Professor J. Cheryl Exum, ‘A Role for the Arts in Biblical Studies’, Jessop West Exhibition Space, 2pm-4pm- This lecture is open to all, attendance is free and there is no need to book. And then … Continue reading

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First World Problems: Food Protests… At Magdalen College, Oxford

They have set up their own soup kitchens, organised large-scale home cooking sessions and accepted invitations from friends to dine at other colleges.  Students labelled the charges, which will apply to new arrivals at Magdalen College from next year, as “regressive”. It … Continue reading

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Logos Responds

From Cliff- Here is what you need to do. 1. Open the texts you desire (BHS, LXX, Vulgate, the Message Bible, etc.) 2. Whatever is your primary text, click the book icon in the upper left hand corner and notice … Continue reading

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Another Request for Logos Help

I hope this is something that has a simple solution.  Let’s say that I’m reading Exodus and I want the Hebrew text to be synchronized as I scroll through it with the Latin text and the LXX.  Is that possible? … Continue reading

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Another Pretty Good Week

From last Friday through yesterday- 7 days.

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New From Thomas Römer, « Les vivants et les ossements des morts dans la Bible hébraïque »

T. Römer, « Les vivants et les ossements des morts dans la Bible hébraïque », in J.-M. Durand, T. Römer et J. Hutzli (ed.), Les vivants et eurs morts (OBO 257).  Download it at the link.

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From the Archives of Zwingliana: Zur politischen Ethik der Generation nach Zwingli, by Rene Hauswirth

Die folgende Skizze erhebt keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit. Sie versucht, auf einige Aspekte sittlicher Wertvorstellungen in der Politik in summarischer Zusammenfassung hinzuweisen; zwei für das damalige Zürich besonders charakteristische Normen – evangelischer Glaube und Verbot von Reislauf und Pensionen – … Continue reading

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ETS Plenary Sessions LiveStreaming via Zondervan Academic

Via Zondervan Academic on FB: Have you RSVP’d for live webcasts of all plenary addresses at the upcoming annual meeting of the Evangelical Theological Society? If not, visit www.livestream.com/ZondervanAcademic. Here’s the complete listing of talks: Wednesday, Nov. 13 1:50 PM-2:40 PM … Continue reading

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First Thoughts on Nestle-Aland 28

Review of the contents themselves will follow soon- what I want to draw attention to at the moment are features of the new edition that strike me as noteworthy. First, and I like this very much, the edition has its … Continue reading

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Another Colloquium to Add to the List

I’ve already announced that Jodi Magness has agreed to join us on the Biblical Studies List for a colloquium (discussion) on her just published volume, The Archaeology of the Holy Land: From the Destruction of Solomon’s Temple to the Muslim Conquest. Our … Continue reading

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Being Drunk is No Excuse for Being a Child Molester: The Tale of Thomas Menghi Jr.

Former scoutmaster Thomas J. Menghi Jr. says he was usually drunk when he molested numerous Boy Scouts during the early 1970s. He was in his late 20s, living in a Fayetteville motel and working as Tupperware deliveryman. He invited boys … Continue reading

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I Know What Car I Want Next!

This fantastic thing!  It’s not powered by gas or battery, it’s powered by compressed air and will travel 90+ miles on a ‘fill up’ (which costs little more than $1.50).  It’s efficient, light, environmentally sensible, and awesome looking.  Must have. … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli: The Beginning of the Second Zurich Disputation

The First Disputation had set the stage for Zwingli’s Reformatory efforts and the Second, which was held for 3 days with over 900 participants, sealed the deal.  At the end of the Disputation there would be no turning back.  Zwingli … Continue reading

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