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Being a Drunk Doesn’t Make You Charming or Funny, It Makes You Dull and Tragic

I read this excellent piece after Dan Stoddart pointed it out on G+.  It commences thusly: Britain is the only country known to me in which drunkenness is an ideology: that is to say in which people believe in an … Continue reading

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Firestorms of Doubt

Every now and again, like a bolt out of the blue and for no apparent reason, I’ll be stricken by the thought: When you die, you’ll just be dead. It’s a bit of a disconcerting slice of doubt but there … Continue reading

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Billy Graham Has Sold His Birthright For a Bowl of Political Porridge

His support of the Republican nominee has blinded him to the nature of his life-held theology and I for one think it’s a real shame.  Like so very many ‘Evangelicals’, Graham has shown himself to be willing to exalt political … Continue reading

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Total Depravity: The Jock Who Plagiarized 11 Year Olds…

From UNC the news that one of their football players, one Erik Highsmith, plagiarized the work of four 11 year olds…  UNC must have tough standards for its football players if the work of an 11 year old can be … Continue reading

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If You Don’t Want to go to Jezreel, Go to Gath

The 2013 application is online here. Information (click to download) 2013 Tell es-Safi/Gath Expedition Volunteer Information 2013 Tell es-Safi/Gath Field School Syllabus Forms (click to download) 2013 Tell es-Safi/Gath Health Form 2013 Tell es-Safi/Gath Signature Form Note on Forms:  In … Continue reading

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Are Bodybuilders ‘Works of Art’?

NZZ has a really interesting essay on the phenomenon of bodybuilding and bodybuilders as ‘art’.  Give it a read here.  It ends Würden die Bodybuilder aber eine neue Sektion der Art Basel bespielen, zum Beispiel unter dem Motto «Fleischhauerei», so … Continue reading

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The Jezreel Expedition

If you’d like to participate in a dig, Jezreel might interest you: Registration will open in mid-November The 4 week season (19/5 to 15/6) includes a full daily program, including weekend trips and 3 credits from the University of Evansville … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli

Roughly one year before Zwingli’s death a Synod was held at which the citizens of Wetzikon considered adoption of Reformed theology. Held on the 25th and 26th of October, 1530 the protocol of that Synod was published in Zurich by … Continue reading

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Ban Football?

Here in the South you’d have more luck banning God, guns, ATVs, and Momma than you would in banning football. After love of money, football is the chief religion of the South.  Hundreds of thousands will gather in the ‘temple’ … Continue reading

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Freedom as Gift of God

The ending of a very fine series, worth seeing.

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