Rediscovering Eve: Ancient Israelite Women in Context

Carol Meyers has a new volume coming out which everyone should probably read, because if Carol has written it, it’s got to be sharp.  The very nice people at Oxford University Press are sending a copy for me to review, which I think is pretty kind.  When said review is done it will be posted here.

This groundbreaking study looks beyond biblical texts, which have had a powerful influence over our views of women’s roles and worth, in order to reconstruct the typical everyday lives of women in ancient Israel. Carol Meyers argues that biblical sources alone do not give a true picture of ancient Israelite women because urban elite males wrote the vast majority of the scriptural texts. Also, the stories of women in the Bible concern exceptional individuals rather than ordinary Israelite women. Drawing on archaeological discoveries and ethnographic information as well as biblical texts, Meyers depicts Israelite women not as submissive chattel in an oppressive patriarchy, but rather as strong and significant actors within their families and in their communities. In so doing, she challenges the very notion of patriarchy as an appropriate designation for Israelite society.

Table of Contents
Notes on Translations, Transcriptions, and Documentation

1. Eve and Israelite Women: Understanding the Task
2. Resources for the Task
3. Setting the Scene: The Ancient Environment
4. Eve in Eden: Genesis 2-3
5. Eve out of Eden: Genesis 3:16
6. Eve’s World: The Household
7. Women and Household Maintenance, Part I: Economic, Reproductive, and Socio-Political Activities
8. Women and Household Maintenance, Part II: Religious Activities
9. Excursus: Professional Women
10. Gender and Society: Reconstructing Relationships, Rethinking Systems
Epilogue: Beyond the Hebrew Bible

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