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Kregel Academic is on the Twitter

Follow here.  Visit their website here.

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Ok, This Is Terrible, But It Made Me Laugh…

Via–   Best headline ever.  (Maybe the driver was distracted by something…)

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Logos Answers

There are a few ways you can solve this. 1. Because Logos opens up to your last screen opened before you close it, this is why you are seeing Logos open up like this. You could simply close all your … Continue reading

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I Need Some Help, Logos User People

When I open Logos here’s the screen: But I don’t want the panels on the right nor do I want all of those various translations opening, I simply want the (either) Hebrew or Greek text displayed.  And on the left … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“I have become…convinced of the theological necessity of irony–& of its nobler cousin humor–as a safeguard against idolatry” — Krister Stendahl (via some girl on the twitter.  See, I can be inclusive!)

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If You Only Read One News Report Today, It Should Be This One: Down Syndrome Athlete Responds to Coulter’s Use of ‘Retard’

A Special Olympics athlete with Down Syndrome has written an open letter to conservative columnist Ann Coulter, scolding her for using the word “retard” while criticizing President Obama. The letter by John Franklin Stephens has quickly gained enormous support on the … Continue reading

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Oh Lord, Please, No… Not Another ‘Bible’ Series from the ‘History Channel…

In Spring next year, History Channel will be airing a new ten-part series entitled The Bible.  It dramatizes key narratives from the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, and it is executive produced by Mark Burnett (The Voice, Survivor, The Apprentice) and Roma … Continue reading

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Friedman Responds to Lemche

Richard Friedman has today responded to Lemche’s essay of yesterday in Bible and Interpretation. In a word, he didn’t like it (but surely no one thought he would), concluding- Enough of this “scholarship” that needs to include aspersions against the … Continue reading

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Lawrence Schiffman Interviewed in Connection With the Times Square DSS Exhibit

And Larry has posted it here. When the Discovery Times Square Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit was running, I was asked some personal and scholarly questions about the Dead Sea Scrolls for the museum’s blog: When did you first become interested … Continue reading

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It’s Here! Nestle-Aland 28 Came Today Via UPS

Again, thanks to the good graces of Bobby K. of Hendrickson Publishers, a copy of NA 28 came today.  I haven’t even unwrapped it yet.  I’m just savoring the moment actually.  Fear not, though, as soon as this post is … Continue reading

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Time is Running Out…

This freshly published and just appearing Ugaritic grammar has arrived from the good folk at Hendrickson and I’m giving away a copy. Here are the contest rules: 1- In a few paragraphs describe how you came to be interested in Ugaritic. 2- … Continue reading

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A Man Has Been Shot to Death at Creflo Dollar’s ‘Church’

Fulton County police are investigating after a man was fatally shot inside a famed megachurch in College Park. The shooting broke out around 10:30 a.m. Wednesday at World Changers Church International, led by televangelist Creflo Dollar. The victim was sent … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Eve: Ancient Israelite Women in Context

Carol Meyers has a new volume coming out which everyone should probably read, because if Carol has written it, it’s got to be sharp.  The very nice people at Oxford University Press are sending a copy for me to review, … Continue reading

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The Politics of Israel’s Past: The Bible, Archaeology and Nation-Building

A forthcoming volume edited by Keith Whitelam and Emanuel Pfoh– It is not uncommon that historical images—presented as simply given, self-evident and even indisputable—are employed in political readings of the past and used as a legitimizing tool. For that reason, … Continue reading

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The Tea People Have Destroyed the Republican Party

The latest jaw-dropping absurdity from a Tea Party politician came Thursday night as Rep. Joe Walsh, R-Illinois, made the case for why a woman should not be allowed to undergo an abortion even when her life is in danger.  In Walsh’s … Continue reading

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Today With Zwingli

On 24 October, 1529, Zwingli published his edition of the Marburg Articles – along with marginal notes of his own. It’s intriguing in that it allows readers to see what Zwingli thought of each article, in his own words along … Continue reading

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Only 24% Of Americans Actually Attend Worship Every Week

In spite of the claims of the majority of Americans that they ‘attend worship every week’ the fact is, only 24% actually do.  NPR has the report, which you ought to listen to as soon as you get the opportunity. … Continue reading

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