Colloquia Reminder

Jodi Magness has agreed to join us on the Biblical Studies List for a colloquium (discussion) on her just published volume, The Archaeology of the Holy Land: From the Destruction of Solomon’s Temple to the Muslim Conquest. Our discussion will take place November 1-10.

I’m also pleased to announce that Avraham Faust has also agreed to join us on the List for a colloquium scheduled forDecember 2-10. His book, also just published, Judah in the Neo-Babylonian Period, is available from SBL.

And Eric Meyers of Duke University will join us January 13-20, 2013 to discuss his new volume, Alexander to Constantine.

We are thrilled to have them all as our guests.

Little Honey Boo Boo and the Horror of the Foot Gnats

Every time I watch this video it reminds me of the theology of the emergents: like June’s forklift foot, as soon as you remove the sock hiding the truth, the gnats fly out. Or, simply put, Emergent theology is ‘gnats on a mangled toe’.

[Every time I watch it I think of Joel too, but that’s another topic altogether].

Ann Coulter… An Observation

‘She’s’ probably a dude

I bet when Ann Coulter is sitting around with her perv friends she calls Blacks the n word and Hispanics the s word and Jews the k word. I bet every fly that has ever been on her reprobate walls has heard her say that, and worse. Because anyone who will use the R word  will call anyone anything.

I don’t know who her sponsors are but I intend to find out and then I intend to let them know in no uncertain terms that their support of her is support of perverse wickedness.

Apropos of These Troubled Times…

Blogging is at times the closest thing we have to virtually overturning the moneychangers’ tables. — Robert Cargill

Very, very true.  And we have a LOT of tables to overturn and people to drive out of the Temple at the tip of the whip.

Quote of the Day

While they [sinners] inwardly know He [God] is their real friend, yet they practically treat Him as their worst enemy. By no motives can they be persuaded to confide in Him as their friend. In fact, they treat Him as if He were the greatest liar in the universe. Wonderful to tell, they practically reverse the regard due respectively to God and to Satan–treating Satan as if he were God, and God as if He were Satan. Satan they believe and obey; God they disown, dishonor, and disobey. How strangely would they reverse the order of things! They would fain enthrone Satan over the universe, giving him the highest seat in heaven; the Almighty and holy God they would send to hell. They do not hesitate to surrender to Satan the place of power over their own hearts which is due to God only.—Charles Finney


Ann Coulter is the Worst Person in America

She’s worse than Rush Limbaugh.  She’s worse than Karl Rove.  She’s even worse than Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein.  She’s worse than any person that has lived on the planet since Judas Iscariot.  She’s vile and perverse and wicked and she needs to be muzzled and imprisoned and sealed in a small little cage where school children can throw rotten eggs at her for all eternity.  She’s sickening and reprehensible and I wish she did not have any sort of following because all of her followers are just as perverse as she is for supporting her.

Why?   Because amidst all her hate-speech she has now stooped to the absolute gutter and called a person a ‘retard’, thereby demonstrating her total depravity.

And why hasn’t the media called her on it?

Today With Zwingli

Ioanni Bugenhagio Pomerano Huldricus Zuinglius gratiam et pacem a deo.

Equidem, docte vir, si unquam vel parandi nominis vel contendendi studio flagravissem, satis iustam occasionem hac tua de eucharistia epistola nactus essem; quam secutus vulgo possem utrique adfectui iure indulsisse videri. Nunc vero qum hoc, videlicet ex contentione vel glorię cupiditate scribere, tam alienum esse debeat a Christiano homine, quam est, pro dolor, hac tempestate vulgare, statui, ut liberrime ac constantissime, sic moderate et amice ad omnia tua respondere.

Bugenhagen had written Zwingli asking him to clarify his view of the ‘Lord’s Supper’ and on the 23rd of October in 1525 Zwingli obliged with his Responsio ad epistolam Ioannis Bugenhagii.

Peppered with Scriptural proofs, Zwingli shows Bugenhagen in meticulous detail why ‘hoc est’ in the celebration of the body of Christ in the Supper should be understood “significat”. ‘This signifies my body…’ etc.

Zwingli’s view persuaded many but it didn’t persuade Luther or the other Catholics of Luther’s mindset. It never could, because Luther was far too chained to his mystical past.  Or, as Zwingli puts it in his colorful conclusion-

Non potest ex integro antichristus profligari, nisi et hoc errore labefactato corruat. Spectemus veri ante omnia faciem, non autoritatem hominum, quae nihil valere debet, ubi veritas illuxit.

That delightful phrase could be repeated daily concerning so many…

Brian Davidson’s Assemblage of Remembrances of F.M. Cross

Brian has managed to collect just about every meaningful mention of Prof. Cross posted since his passing.  You can read Brian’s post here.

To the right you’ll see the cover of the book which introduced me to Cross all these decades ago (though to be accurate the cover of the actual book was different, this is a newer edition).  I found it so utterly mind blowing.  I can still, even now, remember exactly how Cross interpreted the ending of the book of Job.  Wow.  And some of you know what I mean – the rest of you should read the book and find out.  You’ll say wow too.

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Writing Israel out of the History of Palestine, by N.P. Lemche

At Bible and Interpretation, Lemche writes

Every history is an invented history, or a society’s cultural memory. When there are more groups than one present within a given community, we may reckon with more than one cultural memory. In a time of conflict the victors will decide which memory is the “correct” one and it will be written in textbooks and taught in schools. The historian might want to protest, as he insists that he knows the correct version, but memories cannot be controlled by professional historians who don’t pay much attention to historical “facts.”

You’ll doubtlessly enjoy it all.