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My Friends are Horrible People… Just Sayin’

From the twitter- And as nice as I am to them…  Friends… you can’t live with ’em (cause they’re too far away) and ya can’t kill ’em (because that would be unethical… I think… maybe…). But the real question here … Continue reading

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Nestle-Aland 28 Has Arrived in the United States

For those of you in the States waiting for your copy of NA-28, I have word from my trusted source that they have arrived in the country and are even now being sent to those who requested copies.  So watch … Continue reading

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Refo500 Workshop in Wittenberg

Workshop Reformation Research at the Leucorea, Wittenberg, October 26th-28th, 2012 The workshop is meant for young researchers who are writing a doctoral thesis or a habilitation thesis on a topic within the realm of Reformation history. They can present their … Continue reading

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Pseudo-Pastor Hipster Heretic, And Why I Wish the Office of the Holy Inquisition Were Freely Operating

I’d become a Papist if the Inquisition could rid the world of these lamentably despicable deceivers. Here’s a pile of wood, Your Holiness Pope Ratzinger, and here’s a match. Say the word. (Via Bryan Bibb on FB).

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Why Americans Love, and Vote For, Lying Politicians

First, some facts, and then, an explanation. Fact 1- When Bill Clinton left office the US had a budget surplus. Fact 2- George Bush inherited that budget surplus. Fact 3- George Bush pushed, along with Congress, far reaching tax cuts. … Continue reading

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I’m Exceedingly Annoyed at Academia.edu Right Now

Like many of you I post links on Academia.edu.  I’ve discovered today, though, that in spite of the fact that I’ve linked to individual web pages, particularly for book reviews, that all of those links are somehow turned into generic … Continue reading

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What’s Wrong, LSU, The Cross Make you Nervous?

A group of Louisiana State University football fans whose admiration for the Tigers is second only to their love for Jesus is outraged after the school digitally erased the tiny crosses they painted on their bare upper chests at a … Continue reading

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Lance Armstrong: Wielding Threats and Silencing Critics

GMA just aired a piece on Armstrong which shows him to be more than a cyclist and businessman.  It showed him to be a controlling, threatening, critic-silencing thug.  The Telegraph has an interesting look at Armstrong and the American press … Continue reading

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Malala’s Power Over the Taliban

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To Those Attending SBL in Chicago

Sidnie Crawford White announces There will be a special session at SBL in memory of Frank Cross on Saturday at 5:00 p.m., room to be announced. Colleagues and friends are invited to share memories of this great scholar, mentor and … Continue reading

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My Prediction for Tonight’s Debate

Neither candidate will say ‘It’s time for a Palestinian homeland and it’s time for Israel to cease intrusion into Palestinian lands.  From this point onward the US shall support the Palestinian cause with the same vigor, energy, and financial resources … Continue reading

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