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Petra in Basel

My Swiss friends will want to read this, which reports in part:

Some 150 artifacts will be on display in Basel, starting Oct. 23, in an exhibition entitled “Petra — Miracle in the Desert.” It’s a show filled with mysteries. For example, archaeologists have determined that the Nabataeans ate pigs. But where did they keep the animals? They were unusually pious, and yet nothing is known about their priests. And why did Petra have such good jugglers? Some of them even performed for the emperor of China.

If you can, go see the exhibition.  Via Shuhei Oishi on the FB.

How Does Bob Cargill Respond When Little Honey Tee-Tee Attempts to Comment?

Here’s how-

As the kids say— bahahahahahahahaha!  Take note, Scott Bailey– THAT’S how you deal with a maniacal lunatic.

Israel’s ‘Iron Wall’ and Zionism’s Colonization of Palestinian Land

Thanks to Manu Pfoh for telling me about this.

First Romney Signed a Pledge to Push A Marriage Amendment…

Here’s the proof

And now he’s going to leave it up to the States…

A top Romney aide appeared last week to reverse the campaign’s support of the Federal Marriage Amendment, which would bar states from allowing same-sex couples to marry.  In a little-noted comment in the spin room following this past week’s presidential debate in New York, Romney campaign senior adviser Bay Buchanan laid out what appears to be an about-face for the Republican presidential nominee on the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment. Buchanan said that Romney is a “strong advocate for the Tenth Amendment” — which protects states’ rights — and believes that marriage decisions are “a state issue.”  …  In the closing month of the presidential race, the Romney campaign has pushed forward with a focus on an image of their candidate as a moderate, including discussion of his time as governor of Massachusetts and running television advertisements highlighting his support for exceptions allowing for abortion in the case of rape or incest or for the health of the mother.

More Romney wishy-washiness.  Or less charitably- more Romney trying to appeal to more voters just so he can be elected.

Absurdity in the Name of Faith

Thousands of ocean lovers adhering to different religious traditions and none gathered on Huntington Beach, CA on 14 Oct. 2012 for the fifth annual “Blessing of the Waves” reports Voice of America. Sponsored by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange, the interfaith service featured prayers, teachings and music from Muslim, Jewish, Christian and Zoroastrian traditions among others, and was followed by a dip in the ocean.  …  For Father Christian Mondor, the 87-year-old organizer of the event, surfing is a deeply spiritual experience. “In the religious symbolism, water is one of the great images of life and energy,” he told South California Public Radio. “It’s a symbol of God’s presence,” he added.

Catholics…  Next up, the blessing of the flushing toilet.  Or the blessing of the Falling Bird Poo. Rightly did Zwingli remark

[That] many hear the word of faith, but are nothing but bundles of superstition.

The context is the distinction between true and false religion- false religion manifesting itself in superstitious behaviors.  Unfortunately such behavior invariably turns people into unbelievers. As Zwingli continues-

What else is such a proceeding than setting uncracked nuts before little children? Being unable to reach the meat, they lick the shell, till finally in disgust they throw away shell and meat and all.

Modern Culture is Totally Perverse: Exhibit 2898- Ralph Lauren’s ‘Plus Size Model’

Ralph Lauren describes this girl as the company’s first ‘plus size model’…

‘Plus’ size?  She looks average to small to me.  Here’s a ‘plus’ size girl-

What Ralph Lauren shows by his description of the first girl as ‘plus’ size is that our society has a profoundly distorted view of personhood.  But it’s not just distorted, it’s demeaning and misleading.

It’s Best to Read Just One or Two Books at a Time

Luther sagely remarked-

“A student who doesn’t want his work to go for nothing ought to read and reread some good author until the author becomes part, as it were, of his flesh and blood. Scattered reading confuses more than it teaches. Many books, even good ones, have the same effect on the student. So he is like the man who dwells everywhere and therefore dwells nowhere. Just as in human society we don’t enjoy the fellowship of every friend every day, but only of a few chosen ones, so we ought to do in our studies.”  –Martin Luther (Table Talk 2894a).

Another Quote of the Day

We therefore, the interpreters of God’s holy word, and faithful ministers of the church of Christ, must have a diligent regard to keep the scriptures sound and perfect, and to teach the people of Christ the word of God sincerely; made plain, I mean, and not corrupted or darkened by foolish and wrong expositions of our own invention. — Heinrich Bullinger

Quote of the Day

Confidence: The feeling you have before you understand the situation. — Conrad Hackett

Critical Archaeology in Practice: An Essay by Raphael Greenberg

You can download it here.

Critical archaeology is founded in critical theory,and thus, at a primary level, refers to an intellectual approach that seeks to identify the social and political coordinates of the production and reproduction of cultures and institutions, and of knowledge, with particular reference to structures of domination andto the possibility of resistance. As such, critical archaeology is relevant to all facets of archaeological research and practice, and has a rich tradition.More specifically, however, critical archaeology sees itself as a de-colonizing emancipatory praxis,an ethical intervention directed at complacency and complicity in archaeological teaching and practice,and thus takes on a more prescriptive or proactive role in the specific circumstances where it is applied.In the following paragraphs, I consider mainly the latter aspect, with the implication that critical archaeology is what critical archaeologists actually do.

Click the link above to read it all.

There’s Still Time to Enter

This freshly published and just appearing Ugaritic grammar has arrived from the good folk at Hendrickson for review, along with a copy for me to give away to one lucky soul.

Here are the contest rules:

1- In a few paragraphs describe how you came to be interested in Ugaritic.

2- Are you presently in University or Grad School and pursuing Ugaritic studies?

3- If you’re chosen as the completely random winner based on your responses to the first 2 questions above, what will you do with the volume?

Contestants must reside in the United States and answers must be emailed to me by midnight, November 1, 2012, at jim@theology.edu.

Good luck.  And watch for my review in the not too distant future.