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For so many ‘Christians’ this is a fact-

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Billy Graham Doesn’t Think You Should Vote For Either of the Major Party Candidates

He writes I believe it is vitally important that we cast our ballots for candidates who base their decisions on biblical principles and support the nation of Israel. I urge you to vote for those who protect the sanctity of … Continue reading

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More on the Collected Essays of James Barr

Mentioned previously, word now from Eisenbrauns that they will have the 3 volumes available (at a somewhat reduced price) when they’re published. And, I know, the three volumes are expensive.  But look at it this way- how much would you … Continue reading

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Some Essays from Frank Moore Cross

Is there a better way to remember a scholar than to read his work? Methinks not. And the folk at Eisenbrauns seem to be of the same opinion. James Spinti writes Those of us at Eisenbrauns thought the best way … Continue reading

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Dinesh D’Souza is Out

From CNN Conservative writer and activist Dinesh D’Souza, who attracted wide attention with his recent anti-Obama film “2016: Obama’s America,” resigned Thursday as president of a Christian college in New York after questions were raised about his marriage.  D’Souza had … Continue reading

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Irrefutable Proof That America is Doomed

Doomed, doomed, doomed.  For now it seems that not only do we allow professional clowns (actors and actresses) to pretend that their opinions matter in academic and political arenas, we now seemingly care what celebrity impersonators think about all kinds … Continue reading

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Naming a School ‘Christian’ Doesn’t Mean It’s So

Bob Cargill observes The scandal at Emmanuel Christian Seminary involving the attempt to (wrongfully) terminate Professor Chris Rollston appears to be much uglier and more mishandled than we first thought. Thomas Stark, who first broke much of this story on … Continue reading

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Calvin’s Scathing and Withering Denunciation of the ‘Spiritualists’

Some Anabaptists [i.e., the ‘spiritualists’ who abandoned Scripture and claimed ‘inner light’] in the present age mistake some indescribable sort of frenzied excess for the regeneration of the Spirit, holding that the children of God are restored to a state … Continue reading

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Another Pretty Good Week

Week commencing Oct 11 and concluding Oct 18- others may have their ‘hundreds’ or even – as some say – ‘thousands’ of readers, but weekly there are 10’s of thousands here… 😉

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The Beginning of an Era: The Appearance of Volume One of Emil Brunner’s Systematic Theology

Volume One of the Three Volume Dogmatics was published on the 19th of October, 1946.  And though it has been well over 60 years since it’s appearance, it remains the greatest systematic theology produced in the period.  Worth repeating in … Continue reading

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That’s. Messed. Up.

Terri Graham, a mother of two, couldn’t breastfeed her children. But, she’s now fulfilling her maternal desire in an unorthodox way — by breastfeeding her 9-year-old daughter’s dog, a pug named Spider.  In an interview published in the Oct. 20 … Continue reading

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